PSGroove PS3 hack dev blasts Sony lawsuit

PSGroove PS3 hack dev blasts Sony lawsuit.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Since news surfaced this week regarding Sony’s lawsuit against George “GeoHot” Hotz and Fail0verflow members for irrevocably hacking the PS3, the hackers have remained relatively silent on the matter except to say that they believe that the lawsuit has no basis. Now, however, Mathieu Hervais, another high-profile PS3 hacker who is known for releasing the PS Groove payload, has spoken out with his opinion on the events and explains exactly why he believes the case will be a bust for the jaded console manufacturer.

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It all doesn’t matter in the end. No matter if the people sentence GeoHot to death (wouldn’t recommend it, perhaps Anonymous will get angry) or less worse, the code is out there. Everybody’s got it and everything can be runned on it.

But they are right: Instead of pouring millions into blocking the hackers, give half a million to the hacker to come up with a very good security procedure and audit it by giving it away to the internet to audit.

Most companies who wrote out hack competitions have both earned the respect of the public and the people with the real skills, because of their honesty.