PS4 vs XBOX One... my opinion

“Please Sony, do not place DRM on used games!” (we love you!)
people being desperate on twitter…
So you expect Microsoft to have DRM on used games but not on the PS4…ok
lets take a closer look at the interesting reputation that Sony has shown…
They removed the other OS feature they heavenly advertised.
They introduced the DRM known Sony Rootkit.
They introduced the DRM known as Sony Arccos Copy Protection for DVDs.
They implemented the lovely Cinavia parasite (which was forced into BD
licensing by sony)
and Sony released a few games that require mandatory
internet & psn access to play games like
Bionic commando rearmed 2 & Final Fight: Double Impact…or games would not work.
so Sony has already tried
this. Now Microsoft’s xbox 720 excuse me…xbone reveal was a very

I believe the PS4 will be a top seller for a while. but at the end of the day…
years passing by
price will have a huge impact on the consumers end. The Wii was a top selling console
because it was cheap…$130 (wii) vs $250 (360) & $300 (PS3)
a few years ago. The wii u, now is an overpriced console which shows little appeal.
Nintendo Wii U’s future is uncertain…not sure. Even if you boycott Microsoft
because of DRM…
& maybe Sony decides might follow and copy the anti-use drm
…people will just end up playing by the rules…anyway
because people just dont care. Take a look at the BD players…the stores sell them out
everytime…people are buying cinavia infected machines…and just accepting it
as reality.

Well, I am not a gamer at all. Nonetheless I am very well aware what diff consoles’ advantages, disadvantages are as my sons have all of them. And as always it is my “duty” to setup and maintain the systems. I must admit that I never liked Xbox. It was/is legging behind PS in may aspects. We have all of the PS and had no problems whatsoever with any of them. PS1 is still running, btw. Xbox is another case. I have spent days repairing or at least trying to. There were Xbox games that had issues. Opposite to PS no plausible solution was provided. So, as for me it is not a question of “vs”.