Can the DVDFab program create backups for PS3 games? I searched the forums for this subject but could not locate any data. Thanks for your help in advance.


Hi rack85,

In a word…no… at least I don’t [I]believe[/I] you can create a reliable bkup.
My son just picked up a PS3 and he was interested in bkups as well.
Most ppl. who seem to be [I]in-the-know[/I], do not believe it is possible.

I’ve seen a site or two that insist it can be done with retail software such as Game Copy Pro. However, when you google reviews, users say the software is a scam.

This weekend, I might give some of the software a try and may make a few coasters…:rolleyes:
If I get lucky, I’ll let you know.

If you find any good info, please post back or pm with the details.


Thanks Maineman…I just read about the Game Copy Pro at their site after I posted the question to the forum. I can’t even get my drive to read the game, so at least you’re farther in the game than I. I’ve heard the same rumors regarding the games being able to be backed up, but haven’t seen any proof of the fact tangibly as of yet. I will keep searching on my end and will contact you with any findings as well. My son is “chomping at the bit” , too, so to speak, on getting these duped.