Can you believe the idiots paying $2000 or more for a PS3? I guess patience is thrown out the window along with common sense.

They showed on the news a bunch of idiots rushing a store like there was a food shortage: people pushing, shoving, punching, screaming, and yelling. Once they get their console, they should pay homage to their new God, Sony! :bow: So say Sony, ahhhmmmm.

you measn you havent bought one :confused::bigsmile:

$129 for the redesigned PS2, with tons of games at $19.99 or less. Buy one of those and wait 6 months or a year to see how it all turns out, and in the mean time get some great gaming in.

No thanks, I can’t justify spending $600 on a game console when I have a perfectly good computer. Graphics are not the only thing that makes a game good and spending $600+ on it is silly.

If you could get one for 600USD it would be a deal, they are sold out of them in North America and the ones on Ebay are going for upwards of 3,000USD and selling. I agree I could not justify the pricetag either, but obviously we are missing something because there are alot of people ready and willing to fork out alot more for them.:confused:

I would like to see someone do some type of review on the PS3 and post it here on cdfreaks to see if it lives up to all the hype. I heard that there are some compatibility problems with the PS2 games, but Sony is saying only 2% of PS2 are affected by this. Plus, I would like to know of other problems or glitches.

Yes and if your good with computers and solaring and everything you could possibly make the ps2 work with ur computer and then just play many games on ur PC.

Much fun. :iagree: