PS3 wont recognize Burned DVD

Ok I have some video files Im trying to burn onto a dvd to play on my PS3. Problem is they burn fine but the PS3 doesn’t recognize the disc. Its not a format issue because I’m not ripping them and they all play when I use the PS3 media server. They’re straight video files, avi, mpeg4 etc. So basically I’m just burning data to a disc, should work anywhere I would think.

I’m sure there is something silly I’m doing wrong. My friend even burned me some stuff, not even knowing I was going to play it in the PS3, and that worked fine.

I’m using Memorex DVD -Rs. Trying a different brand has crossed my mind. Ive tried making them a data disc and doing DVD finalizing. Nothing seems to work.

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Thing is with Memorex, they use a variety of different manufacturers for their discs - and while some may be decent quality, some are not.

I’d say to start with it’s definitely worth trying a different brand - for an all-round safe bet, try Verbatim.

If that fails, we can delve deeper into the problem. :wink:

EDIT: Out of sheer curiosity, what was the disc brand your friend used?


Funny thing I checked the same thing and those are memorex too. But theyre dual layer, even though I think he just did a single layer burn and theyre +r and mine are -r, not that it should make a difference.

I actually grabbed a spool of verbatim +rs to try. Ill see and let you know.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I don’t have a PS3 but I’m going to guess on a couple of things.
If your PS3 unit doesn’t have the capability to recognize -R DVD discs then they won’t work.
IDK if Nero Info tool works on a PS3 but there is probably some software that does.
Use it to check the PS3 read capabilities.

it is possible that +R will be a fix.

Try the burn with ImgBurn using “Build” mode strait to the DVD disc…

DVD-Rs should be fine with a PS3.


it was the discs. The Verbatims work fine…

Nice one, glad the problem’s sorted. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=loki993;2657489]it was the discs. The Verbatims work fine…[/QUOTE]

Verbatims are hard to beat. :wink:

Good to hear you’re sorted though.


Yeah the Memorexes were just some old ones I had laying around. I probably just grabbed the cheapest thing I could find for backups or something.

“Finalize”. “Multi-Session”.