PS3 with audiocopy

I’m transferring my DVD collection to my NAS and I would lik to play it on my TV screen, using the PS3. THe video will be subtitled. I also would like to keep the original (5.1) sound.
I tried different profiles in the generic section of DVD to mobile, but didn’t succeed.
Is there an existing XML profile that can be used, or are there any other suggestions?
I’m not bound to a certain codec for the videopart, I just want an acceptable quality.



but didn’t succeed.

can you explain a more about your situation. what version of dvdfab, what dvd, exactly what settings, more info on your computer specs.

thanks troy

generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy should work fine. Bitrate 1100, 2 pass, as close to DVD source res (~720 x xxx) but I think you need the latest firmware upgrade to the PS3.

On the subtitles, I don’t know whether the PS3 will support external subs so a bit of trial and error may be needed and you always have the option to burn in the subs as an image.


Thanks, I have a working copy, although it’s not 100% as I like it, but that’s a matter of tweaking. I have now a base to start from.


DVDFab v
DVD Star Wars III R2 version (but it was a general problem I had)
I tried different settings, but what I prefer is H264 with AC3 (audiocopy), if possible.

PS3 firmware 2.10 (with DIVX support)

Computer specs :o
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
XP proffesional with SP2

Some additional questions:

  • Can DIVX be used instead of XVID and how?
  • What’s the best, more bits/pixel or higher resolution?
    I’m using a standard TV set for playback.

Both guys, thanks for the assistance.



You cannot use DivX instead of XVid as Fab uses internal codecs and does not have the DivX codec.

That being said, I prefer the XVid codec anyway.

GregiBoy is more experienced with dvd to mobile modes. :slight_smile:

why not use the dvd to ps3 mode? The profile is used to create mp4(h264 + aac) file, which can be played in Playstation 3.

What’s the best, more bits/pixel or higher resolution?

id just start with default settings then go from there.

maybe someone will post, as i know there are other members whom do what you are wanting to accomplish.


edit// please read this thread


I only get 2 channel AAC using this profile and AAC isn’t supported by my amplifier anyway.
In the meantime I updated the PS3 FW to v2.2


When converting the DVD using youur suggested settings and rendering the subs in th e video, I run into something strange, randomly the subtitles appear like they were 'interlaced. Any idea what’s causing this?


Yeah, the interlacing has been reported before and from memory can be resolved by changing the resolution slightly. I did a whole series of tests a while ago with results.

Use search to see if you can find the post. I used the DaVinci Code as the test DVD.