PS3 VS Nintendo Wii Vs XboX360



In a battle to the death … which contendder will win?

The Dynamic Duo - Jack of ALL trades (Xbox 360) … The Ditzy Blonde with the funky love bumps (The Nintendo Wii) or The team of Idiot Savants (PS3)?

Tell us who wins, and why!

Please include censoring as required when discussing tales of kinky erotica concerning the nintendo Wii.




Didn’t we just have a poll on this in the console forum?


We have a console fourm???

Only joking…


Not a fight to the death :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh fine, move it if you must, or maybe just hotlink it across to double the audience :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to see some funky gladiator fights people! Hup, Hup!


I have no intention of moving it. You just confused me since I remember writing a lengthy reply to the one down there and I couldn’t find it in here.


Aaaawwwww… No fight to the death…? :frowning:

I have none of those systems, but will probably get a Wiiiiiiiiiii
I’m going to trade in a bucket load of frequest flyer miles to buy it rather than spending cash tho.


Still debating what I am going to do. I don’t know if I will use my in-store credit at gamestop on a Wii or on a PS3. I already have a 360.


I saw screenshots from Oblivion on PS3. My god. It looked exactly like it did on my old PC.



Yeah … but … it didn’t come from Blu-ray!


Whats blu-ray?


Let’s see what i have:

  • a PSP, which is awesome
  • a Nintendo Wii, which is not awesome yet but might be in the future
  • a Xbox 360, which is awesome
  • 5 PC’s, none of them awesome

Let’s see what my girlfriend have:

  • a Nintendo DS, which is awesome
  • a Xbox 1, which is awesome
  • a PC, which isn’t awesome

Anyhoo, back to sudoku on paper…


Haha great punchline! :bigsmile:



>>> blu-ray <<<


I’d go for the Wii, just based on how much fun it would seem to me, since that’s most important. I grew up when graphics weren’t a major emphasis, and I played because it was fun or I liked the game.


:iagree: Eyecandy is for fashion designers and other silly people :iagree:


Either way, I was impressed Nintendo stuck with its strength and it seems to me it managed to create something unique. I mean, I always thought bowling games (as an example) were lame the way you had a joystick to use or just buttons. But with that remote to actually sense the movement of the hand and follow through, that seems ingenious to me, because it would be a lot more like you were really bowling. :bigsmile:


I agree - I also like the idea that the Wii uses multi-user gaming in a new way. A lot of console gaming is pretty anti-social to the other people around you, and games that are more intuitive and can be played in groups (without lots of practice) would be a great idea.
I have friends who have never played a “computer game” of any sort in their lives, but have said they’d like to have a go using the Wii.


What an interesting viewpoint to bring to the table, since video gaming could be considered “anti-social” behavior, something even the commericial for the Wii dispels. Never looked at it that way.


Aye, my Wii is a lot of fun :iagree: