PS3 Video Store DRM allows one download

I just posted the article PS3 Video Store DRM allows one download.

A recent article at Ars Technica describes how Sony doesn’t allow consumers to download bought movies more than once from the online PS3 Video Store. Those that have experienced the Playstation’s…

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More consumer-friendly policies from the “King of DRM” company.

A product legally bought, by definition, should be more sexy than one copied from a friend or downloaded from an anonymous p2p network like Dargens dot com.

DRM makes the reverse true.

Sony of all companies should know this.

How many times can you download a game online that has been purchased?

Illegally downloading Sony movies and music… now.

“Ars Technica now warns everyone who plans to buy a movie on their PS3 since Sony uses a rather restrictive DRM.”

From Sony? Restrictive DRM? Thanks for the news flash Ars! Folks- do we really need any more of this arrogant and disrespectful treatment of LEGAL PURCHASES?

Vote no- say no to all these content providers that we wont accept products pre-loaded with DRM.