PS3 value proposition dwindling?



I just posted the article PS3 value proposition dwindling?.

The Sony PS3 gaming console has held strong as one of the best Blu-ray players on the market and is still considered by many to be the best value due to its ‘next’ generation gaming platform, picture…

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Last year I bought a ps3 as a blu-ray player. At the time bluray players were the same price, so why not get the bonus feature of a game console. If I had to make the same choice this year, I’d probably buy a standalone. I’ve played a few games on the ps3, but 99 percent of it is used for bluray. I use the 360 for games.

With standalones dropping, I can see ps3 sales dropping, as people who only need a bluray player can save money by buying a standalone player.


It does seem that the PS3 is still the best Blu-ray player available, but that’s going to change as the price of standalone players drops. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.


Still, the title selection on the XBOX 360 is richer (just consider great franchises like Gears of War and Halo), despite PS3’s slightly more powerful hardware. Indeed, the free online play of the PS3 is being a plus (not to mention that XBOX LIVE is not available in some countries, while PSN, as far as I know, is literally global). Then again, I would pick the XBOX 360 over its competitors. When and if the XBOX 360 Bly-ray disc addon will be released, there will be even more value attached to Microsoft’s already excellent console (ignoring, for a moment, the issues of scratched game discs and failing hardware).

One thing though: I will still buy a PS3, just in order to play God of War III, right on the day of the title’s release in my country (they better prepare those hardware + software discounted bundles! ). that’s how you attract consumers to buy your hardware; you release super-attractive, exclusive, “can not miss no matter what” content.

Just my two cents. Have a nice day everyone.


At the moment I would still recommend the PS3 as a Blu Ray player even if the user had no interest in games. Its other media playing (DivX etc) and storage features make it an attractive entertainment centre. Its easy to get online, regular updates. Dont forget that you can plug in a web cam and use it to chat to your PS3 owning friends around the world.

There is the PS3 store where you can get trailers for cinema and Blu Ray releases and you may even be tempted by some of the games.

I think its that machines versatility that will keep it as the number one Blu Ray player but depending upon how cheap stand alone machines get that could change.


PS3 is a great investment. Nothing on the planet gives you the same return.


I would like to get a ps3 to play exclusives on that system, but to be honest the 360 was better priced, Wfi ooh wow, i would go with a ethernet cable over a wifi connection anyday, Hench the Add on for wifi for the 360, the blue ray part for the ps3 yeah thats cool and all, but to be honest i can’t really afford to be buying blue ray disc’s for a movie im only going to watch once, being able to buy the movie and stream with via live is a way better choice, besides doesn’t anyone realize that digital downloads are really the way to go.

the 360 supports Xvid which is popular among the moviez scene so if your into that you have a unlimited resource to tap with no cost unless you get caught and no extra work other than downloading a movie and putting it on a flash drive.


First, what’s with calling this generation of consoles ‘next’ generation? For crying out loud, they’ve been out for 2 years now. Isn’t it the CURRENT generation of consoles by now?? :slight_smile:

Second, the PS3 makes an EXCELLENT BD player. I’ve only recently replaced my main BD watching experience with my HTPC. The audio kept me on the PS3 until now. As a gaming machine, the PS3 has some great games. I’ve been buying more and more PS3 games vs 360 games lately. If Sony really wanted to make an impact, drop the price 100 bucks and watch everyone go nuts. But, sadly, Sony can’t afford to do that and will keep the price too high.


Well, that’s why I put the single quotes around ‘next’ in the article. Obviously, I realize its the current generation, but most people still refer to them as the next gen consoles. And then of course there is the Wii, which is not considered a ‘next’ gen console due to its inferior hardware.


I understand the wii issue, but, the PS3 and 360 should be considered NOW gen consoles at this point. :slight_smile: Within a few months I’m sure we’ll start hearing about, what, the “next next gen” consoles?! :smiley: Anyway, I’m not taking it out on you…it’s just a pet peeve that annoys me.


Understood, I’ll refrain from using the term from now on when referring to the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Thanks. :slight_smile: I didn’t mean to come off so strongly on that issue. It just simply annoys me to see it used even now to describe those machines. It’s really not THAT big of an issue.


With the prices coming down on players, I see the PS3 sales taking a nose dive. I think alot of the sales were from people just wanting a cheaper Bluray player and less game machine. Sony will never recoup its losses for low-balling the machine.


"Until then, I would still recommend the PS3 as the BD Live Blu-ray player that provides the most bang for your buck."
Did you pick one up yet?


Its a myth that the PS3 is more powerful than 360. 360 has a true next gen. unified graphics architecture, more efficient then PS3’s graphics system. I’m not saying 360 is far better than PS3 overall, I’m saying PS3 is not a more powerful system when you take the graphics systems’ architecture into account.


Yes, I bought a PS3 in January of this year. I use it primarily for gaming. We love Rockband and Guitar Hero. :slight_smile:


“Isn’t online play a key component of ‘next’ generation gaming?”

Yes it is and that’s why the 360 is the way to go for me, Live is a much better service in every way but price, believe me i wanted to like PSN since it doesn’t cost me anything but it just doesn’t compare at the moment, maybe it will mature given time but for now Live is a much richer experience + most of my friends only have 360’s and PSN is a lonely place for me since i much prefer playing with people i know over strangers who offen bail out when they are losing.
It’s not all bad, i’ve had some good times with Warhawk but overall i’ve had a much better time on Live.




I own a 360 and a Wii and have about 20 games for the 360 and 4 for the Wii. I was actually going to buy a PS3 this Christmas in a bundle specifically for the blu-ray until Sony, yes Sony sold their bd350 for $150 just a few weeks ago. I makes me wonder if they truely intended to sacrifice their PS3 from the beginning for Blu-ray penetration. I now have no need for a PS3 but I do love my blu-ray player. From a business standpoint that is one huge risk. The Playstation was such a huge success in the past but it’s getting its “you-know-what” handed to them by two systems supposedly inferior. For the average American it is always the bottom line. It was for me. My 360 was $225 and has great games I love which are not available on the PS3 (Bioshock-at least not yet, Gears, Halo, and Fable II), my wii was $250 and is freakin awesome for parties and my kids and now I have the inexpensive blue-ray player for $150 less than the PS3. Little Big Planet and Metal Gear are not enough to make me pay the extra for another system when my xbox can play most of the PS3 games that used to be exclusive. The PS3 may be superior but in the end that doen’t always mean success just look at SEGA, 3D0 and NEOGEO. All superior to the original playstation but lost non the less. The original xbox was technologically superior to the PS2 and got detsroyed. I’m not sure who is steering Sony’s ship for the PS3 but this Christams at least, their very own blu-ray players are hurting them as much as their gaming competitors and that can’t be good when they are still losing money for each player they sell.


Great discussion here. I am no expert and had to do a lot of reading recently to figure out blu-ray players. Sounds like the PS3 may be the best player but as prices on the standalone versions come down, the pressure is on particularly if you are not a gamer. Do you think the price of the PS3 might come down? Seems like that might be an alternative to the competition.

I have written a page about the PS3 and would love it if some of you would voice your opinion there!