PS3 to offer streaming Major League Baseball MLB.TV



I just posted the article PS3 to offer streaming Major League Baseball MLB.TV.

Sony PlayStation 3 owners can expect to receive even more content for the PS3 when Sony adds streaming baseball games to the console for PlayStation Network gamers.

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DISH Network offers MLB Extra Innings at a cheaper annual and monthly price. I guess if you don’t have a choice and you love baseball it might be worth it. I get my fill of the Chicago White Sox on WGN and Comcast Sports Network… and when I am doing other things, it AM radio for me. That said, I think I would be interested in NHL games on a PS3. I hope other sports follow and come to the PS3 with better price packages.


I think it’s pretty freaking cool. If only the NBA did this too…


Same as the guy above, allthough I wish we could run NHL gamecentre live on it. I tried it via the webbrowser once and it wouldn’t work.


Guess MLB won’t be available for PS3 users here in Europe - it might provide me with yet another excuse to go for a PS3 :slight_smile: