PS3 to launch in Hong Kong & Taiwan in November despite shortages

I just posted the article PS3 to launch in Hong Kong & Taiwan in November despite shortages.

Quite recently, Sony announced that as a result of shortages of the new PS3, their own Japanese online store has decided to hold off online sales of the new console. So far,…

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sony must have gotten its confidence back from us ebay/game stop pre-order fiasco; however, maybe, sony was pressured by other bd ce partners regarding price difference between ps3 & bd players that sony is limiting the numbers it appears that sony is most confident in eu and north america as they are price highest while eu launch is even postponded…& the most worried area must be in japan as they even reduced number of units to make sure ps3 will be sold out

Hehe I guess Sony has redefined the meaning of a Global Launch date now meaning you can order a system globally on the launch date and expect it next year. Guess they are just following under Microsoft’s wings. I think the main problem with them doing that now though is that there is another option and maybe two that will be in stock on the shelfs.