PS3 suffers year-on-year sales drop

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Even though the struggling global economy has taken its toll on entertainment spending, the video game industry has seen solid console and game sales over the past year.
Research group NPD…

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Sony thinks their shit doesn’t stink, but they’re wrong and people are starting to wise up to the fact that Sony should be run out of town for selling overpriced junk. Sony doesn’t listen to what the consumer wants, they try to sell you what they think you need.

They need to lower the price for the ps3.

ahh ok lets see. Xbox in 3 years sold a 28 million systems, that’s 9.3 million a year. Sony on the other hand sold 20 million units in 2 years that’s 10 million a year. So who is really doing better in sales? Of course Xbox will have more sales, it was out a full year before PS3 and Wii, so it had no competition for a whole 12 months. wise up my friend.

ohh and lets not forget that unlike M$, Sony is actually making a profit on the PS3. The Playstation division of Sony Held a $4 million profit, despite a nine percent decline in sales for January.
And for those who haven’t seen it heres a link to Sony’s next piece of product …

They need to drop the RRP. Plain and simple nothing more.

@God This is not true, I wish it were, but it’s the other way around.

I, personally purchased ps3 to use it for storing & playing my divx movies and mp3 files but as it lacks displaying subtitles I am not satisfied at all. It also lacks playing formats like mkv files. Sony thinks that these are not so important factors but they ARE for many customers like me. Hope they think once more again while planning new updates.

Ok you may be right. But let’s look at what really matters to the bottom line my friend where the real money is made games and accessories that’s where the money is really made that’s why Sony and MS are willing to sell the consoles at a loss sometimes HUGE a loss bc they more then make up for it in games and accessories and there the Xbox kicks Sony’s and Nintendo’s collective asses the attach rate is huge I think 7. But looking at the numbers again it’s telling a year older console is getting better selling more so your logic does not hold water if what you were saying was correct then PS3 should be selling more not less gaining ground not losing it.

Umm…not sure where you get your facts…but Sony is LOSING money on the PS3. They are losing roughly around $50 per console now. When it first came out, they were losing around $200 per console. Micrsoft has been making a profit on the 360 for some time now. I think roughly a year or so after it came out, they started to make a profit.

Possibly the removal of backward compatibility? It has kept me away. Also a poor selection of great games. My Xbox up converts my DVDs to excellent quality on my 32" LCD. Not a big enough difference when I play blu-ray through my laptop to justify getting a PS3 for blu-ray play back.

Sony has a long way to go considering it started $3 billion in the hole. So I wouldn’t be talking about profits just yet. Also, the sales comparison is year to year not over a certain time span.

LOL, I never laughed so hard. That was funny and true almost.

What i can say, X-Box 360 have much “Free” game
instead the PS3 have a full price, 79€ for Tomb Raider Underground is a very expensive, on the 360
a simple BitTorrent resolve the problem.

Thanks for letting everyone know you rather pirate than pay for anything.

I’ve neer denied it and I never will (Except if the come knocking). Saves me cash for hardware instead. Morals? Ask a politician or corporate schill about those. :wink:

can I just point out here that MS is also losing money on their consoles due to the RRoD? that cost them an absolute bomb. so who is really losing money here? MS lost out to the tune of $1.15 billion in warranties!

Steveo- maybe MS lost some money on the Xbox warranty, I don’t know- but they made like 16 Billion overall as a company in the last quarter. I think Sony lost about 1 or 2 Billion. This is the difference. You don’t buy the POS3 for games- there aren’t that many and the load times are ridiculous for the ones they have. You buy an Xbox for games or even a Wii. The reason the sales are dropping is you can get a better price now on a Bluray player and don’t need to buy a PS3. For a while, there was a niche market of enthusiasts that could not wait to jump on the HD bandwagon but were afraid of future lack of compatibility with BR movies, so they paid for the PS3. them days are over.

I guess this is why Sony is having to drop their “gaming platform” to $299 in April and also why they are creating these goofy “hybrid discs” to help possibly sell more PS3’s for using as a movie/game machine…good luck! Even they know as a gaming platform the PS3 is doomed. Only BR playback is keeping it halfway alive and BR acceptance is going slower than a turtle with a broken leg. If it had not been for The Dark Knight- it would have even been a hellava lot worse.

the above is absolute nonsense. the ps3 have sorted the load times crabby, the majority of games are multiformat, and the sales are on par for the age of both consoles!

as for your comments for cheaper bluray players, none of them have the ability of updating firmware, so wheres your reasoning?

I’m slightly disappointed with your comments really crabby, because you know my above comments are right, and you’ve just dribbled poison as a response. actually thought you were a voice of reason…obviously not the case!

I personally don’t like Sony. That being said, I think some of your points for argument are wrong. The PS3 is the BEST blu-ray player out there. Some of my friends have non-PS3 blu-ray players, and it takes their players like 10 minutes to load movies and start playing them. The PS3 plays movies almost instantly.

I do agree with you that the PS3 is lacking in the gaming department. Not to mention, the much hyped Killzone 2 is not looking to good right now. I also agree that Blu-ray is probably what is keeping it alive. It’s funny how the Blu-ray debacle is screwing Sony. In the beginning, it helped them win the format war against HD DVD. Now, it is looking like it is the only thing keeping the PS3 alive. If HD DVD would have won, the PS3 would surely have been gone by now.