PS3 Slim photos ordered down

I just posted the article PS3 Slim photos ordered down.

A Taiwan-based law firm has asked several Web sites to take down alleged photos of a new, slimmer Playstation 3.

Notices were sent to Engadget, Kotaku and Spong, among others. Only Spong has…

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have the fat ps3, don’t mind it can lose some weight.

This photo has been photcropped to for the recors, but yes there is a rumored slim version but nothing will be know till the E3 or whatever it is called.

From Sony’s history of introducing a slimmed PS2, a slimmed PS3 wouldn’t surprise me, but it still seems too early to introduce something like that for a cheaper price. Looking forward to the E3 announcements.

Slim down the pricetag 1st !

hope that picture is fake, it looks cr@p!!

this is a nes playing mario , i have seen the same thing called a kii, gamebox etc, got about 50 games on there all 8bit

They dont need a slim yet. All they need is a price cut of a $100.