PS3 shortages may continue well into 2007

I just posted the article PS3 shortages may continue well into 2007.

With the severe shortage of Sony PlayStation 3 consoles, some analysts don’t expect these shortages to ease until March, going by c|net. However, as Sony is set to launch its PS3 in Europe…

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I dunno about the rest of you, but I am having an impossible time finding a wii. PS3’s are everywhere in my town, just no wii’s. Even at the store I work at, we get a shipment of 30 PS3’s, and 4 wii’s. It sucks!

Same here. The best buy in Ottawa has 2 PS3’s, Future shop had ~6, EB had a couple but no Wii’s. At EB the guy said they got in 6 Wii’s and the were all sold within 15 minutes! Guess people don’t want to pay $640+Tax for hype. Sony needs more FaNb01s!!11one!11!!eleven

Something weird IS going on. Wii are flyiing of the shelf like crazy…I mean I could cough up 250 ON-THE-SPOT if I ever walked in on a Wii Stock…but ps3, maybe I’ll have a second or so to think first…I mean that’s half-a-grand…

But seriously…I hope Sony can get over their issues so that we can buy cheaper Ps3…I’ll get one…just not now…when they’re down to like 399 for the 60gb…Com’on…SONY!..Start pumping them ps3 out!

Shortages of PS3? Three words: No Great Loss. Next…

Well, the same is true in sacramento ,ca…last time i looked on craigslist i could get a 60gb in the box with receipt for 700 us…thats 50 over retail…

The PS3 shortage should be solved in the next couple of months. Now that supply issues are being resolved on the harder to find componants. Not just that, but we should see more BluRay players hitting the market soon, and at much MUCH cheaper prices :B

Heh heh… what’s particularly funny about that is there is no “shortage” - at least, not in relation to demand. Most of the PS3s initially sold have been returned (eBayers who couldn’t make a profit) and are now being returned to the stores. Looks like those initial launch numbers are deceptively wrong… but Sony won’t do anything to correct the notion that they “sold” 150k units, just as they’ll pretend when they resell them that they somehow “added” those units, instead. There will be plenty in the stores - which is both a curse and a blessing. Sony is losing their shirts for every unit sold (around US$300 for 20GB model, around US$260 for 60GB model), and with Microsoft not only making a profit on every unit sold (around US$45 per unit), but further reducing manufacturing costs while selling much higher games per unit… I expect a price cut in the next couple of months to keep the pressure on Sony. By the time Sony gets any price relief, Microsoft will be able to cut another $100 off their console prices without breaking a sweat, and Sony will STILL be losing money. So on one hand, selling lots of units buries Sony in heavy short term debt, but helps the Blu-Ray effort, while selling few units keeps them from bleeding too much, but hinders their BluRay effort. Worse for Sony, all PS3s sold are not going to be used as BluRay players, while all HD-DVD add-ons Microsoft sells WILL be used to watch HD movies. The difference is a motivated consumer, and they are the ones driving the standards, not somebody who says “cool, let’s buy a movie or two to try this out”, then promptly forgets about it because the movie costs two or three times the regular DVD. Sony was mistaken to tie their console with BluRay. Worse, while they did try and incorporate some of the lessons learned from the PSP, they failed to match Xbox Live’s proven track record. They even had a year to see how Microsoft’s 360 adjusted to the market, and seems, from reviews so far, to have accomodated the current “standard” for online experience (Sony can’t handle broken downloads, concurrency sucks, etc, etc…) From my own experience playing with the console, the word that comes to my mind is “underwhelmed” - I wasn’t impressed, the sixaxis controller feels light and flimsy, with no feedback, and the graphics seemed jaggy/aliased compared to Xbox 360 games (that might have been the monitor it was on, but that was an HDTV LCD). IT looked like Sony was still suffering from the exact same lag behind Microsoft in the graphics department the PS2 had behind the Xbox (though Sony had 2 more years to at least catch up). As a gaming experience, the PS3 is seriously lacking in every way except for a small handful of “exclusives” that will cause a core of fans to purchase this system (My buddy will get it because Madden doesn’t do Franchise on Xbox 360, but does on PS3 - and it will be the only game/movie he buys with it). As a BluRay player, it’s still pricier than HD-DVD, but cheaper than Sony’s trusting partners’ own players (they can’t be happy with Sony subsidizing a competition killer over their own models) - the problem remains: why buy a single format player when the war remains. Consumers will hold off, and unless the core of bleeding edge buyers start putting serious numbers on the sales of next-gen players, neither will dominate or be decided for years to come.

Heh, not from what I hear. There may be a shortage of PS3’s, but there is also lack of demand for those. I hear you can easily find PS3 at a major retailer if you shop around - they are just sitting on the shelf without anybody buying them. Wii on the other hand is near impossible to find. Funnny. But funny in a good way.

I think the demand for the Wii is a bigger story than a lack of demand for the PS3, which I don’t think as many people in my area want. PS3’s were available here. I fell short on my hunt for a Wii this holiday season and I have decided to keep the hunt on as I have a child with a birthday in February and I expect the Wii to continue to be difficult to find in the months to come. I expected the Wii to be a hit… I am just surprised out how big of a hit it has become. I hope Nintendo can get some units on store shelves here in the U.S.