PS3 Profile & Sub Titles

Ok, I must be overlooking something. When I create a video using the PS3 profile, subtitles are automatically on when I play the file on a PC (haven’t actually tried one on the PS3 yet). I would prefer they not be on until I explicitly click a button that tells the software to display subs.

The subtitles are either either embedded into the video or not available at all with the PS3 profile. To eliminate them from the output file you must uncheck the subpicture boxes on the first Generic screen (lower right corner) before you click “Next”. You would need a player that supports standalone subpicture files (the idx/sub option to create these is available in other profiles) to be able to turn them on or off in the player. You do have the option for the PS3 and any other DVD to Mobile Device to display only the forced (usually foreign language translation) subtitles. You can read about that feature here.

Thanks signals! That explains it beautifully. Basically, if they exist, they are displayed with the PS3 profile (not accounting for forced subs). If I don’t want them displayed, I can’t include them all all. Makes sense now that I think about it. I was thinking in the DVD world where I could turn them on or off with the remote. Thanks again.

You’re welcome, sorry it was not good news.:slight_smile: If you click on the “Configure” button after clicking Next and it says “Direct Render to Video” in the lower right corner, the subtitles will be displayed. I always check this last to make sure I haven’t left a box checked on the previous page (again). These take too long to have to run them through a second time to produce one without subtitles.

[QUOTE=signals;1922235]These take too long to have to run them through a second time to produce one without subtitles.[/QUOTE]

Amen to that! It took me about 8 hours to do Spiderman3 lastnight and now I’m gonna run it through again with no subs. I was wanting to do some testing with constant filesize vs constant bitrate anyway.

Additionally, I’m a little confused as to why I would select a resolution of anything above 480 since the original material on the DVD is 480 anyway. Why would I select 720x???