PS3 price cut rumors rise again

I just posted the article PS3 price cut rumors rise again.

The obligatory disclaimer: We’re less than a month from E3, the video game industry’s biggest trade show. Rumors pop up, and not all of them make the cut.

The latest comes from Playstation…

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In todays news: “Sony Corp. said it lost 98.9 billion yen ($1 billion) in the fiscal year through March, its first annual net loss in 14 years, and projected it would lose even more money this year amid a slump in consumer demand for electronics goods.”

I think they are probably not going to throw gas on the fire by taking bigger losses on each PS3 sold.

They can lower PS3 price to 300-350$ range without losing anything at the moment.

Been waiting forever for Sony to bite the bullet and drop below $300.00 US…but I’m not holding my breath

I hope sony reduces the price at E3.

As long as it continues with Blu-Ray the price isn’t going to drop. They’d love to see it stay the same (or unrealisticaly) go up. You know, the ol’ supply & demand schtick…