PS3-Penicillin or Kryptonite for the Sony Corporation?

I just posted the article PS3-Penicillin or Kryptonite for the Sony Corporation?.

 Wired has  put up a four page article         that details their thoughts on just what impact the  PS3 will have on the electronics giant. We have to wonder as well, has Sony put  too many eggs...
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Not sure why the content protections are mentioned at the end, its a non-issue for the next 5-6 years at least. It will fly off the shelves because there are many out there dying for a PS3 (not me, yet) and they wont manufacture enough to keep up at 1st. But will it sell huge $$ in the next year ? It will be interesting to watch along side Wii & 360.

“Not sure why the content protections are mentioned at the end, its a non-issue for the next 5-6 years at least.” I am not sure what the requirements are for movie playback at 1080p with the PS3. So, I would want to know this before I plopped down for a PS3 if I had a display. (which I don’t) I am not a gamer, so the ONLY reason I would consider a PS3 is to get a Blu-ray player for “below cost”. For instance, if my HDMI was not compatible and I could also not use DVI obviously, then I would be forced to use analog. I suppose they will allow this temporarily, but I would not have an interest in setting up such a system. I want pure digital. So I would wait. Another thing, is if the PS3 is a flop…can Blu-ray survive?
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>>>> Another thing, is if the PS3 is a flop…can Blu-ray survive?

It may thrive…but will it make a profit? Xbox is not profitable is it? How can Sony produce a product to fight against another company that does not care if they make money? Sony needs a product that can make them money. From what I read so far, it will be years before this happens. I just wonder with nothing else really to fall back on…how long can the PS3 thrive?

Crabbyappleton - Reports online have been saying that it cost Sony around $900-$1000 to produce each PS3, Sony is also selling their consoles at a loss, I believe that Nintendo is the only one to sell their hardware at a profit, MS and Sony both sell at a loss in the hopes of making money on the games, controllers and all that great stuff. I have a few issues with the PS3. My first reaction is that the Xbox 360 looks just as good, is about half the price, plus even if I get the HD-DVD player for my 360 I will not have paid as much as I would have for a PS3. Next the PS3 has been claimed to be faster, but its only faster if developer send the time to code for the module processors that the PS3 comes with, for this they have to use another program and do special coding to take advantage of the PS3’s power, some game developers have commented on the extra steps and say they are confusing and don’t work that well. If a title was made ONLY for the PS3 I could see it being programmed correctly to take full advantage, but most games will be for 2-4 platforms and they will not be running any better on the PS3 when compared to the Xbox 360.

a premium xbox 360 plus the hd-dvd drive will cost more than the cheaper ps3 which is what you should be comparing it to as it is the one that has specs comparable

Oh well, looks like SONY has become yesterday’s hero! As Nelson would say, Ha! Ha!:S

One thing sony has going for it is all the FanBoys who will buy it no matter what. I remmember when the Xbox first came out and everyone at school said PS2 has better preformance than it. This following of pepole who disregard preformance and just support Sony for the Playstation name will buy this console nomatter what.

As it stands, the HD-DVD drive for the XBox 360 is lame. No smart consumer should settle for an HD movie player that does not have HDMI. Studios will turn on the ICT in the future. Why buy a player that is guaranteed to eventually be unable to output an HD signal?

latest news, not only has Sony just started manufacturing ps3’s but they’re downgrading the hardware a bit as well. Ha! ha! what a bunch of idiots. I guess they really want to destroy themselves.

>>>> No smart consumer should settle for an HD movie player that does not have HDMI.

i must admit i will never buy a product made by sony again the rootkit fiasco made my mind up for me but i will say one thing for $ony GOOD BYE crash n burn

The HD-DVD for the xbox 360 is… 1 : Optional (unlike BR on ps3) 2 : Upgradable (if MS decide on a better spec HD player in the future you dont have to change the console, just the player) Unlike ps3. I cannot imagine the BR player in the ps3 will be of great spec anyway, you could easily pay £600 for a stand-alone !! Xbox 360 core system £199.99 (pc world) Xbox 360 premium system £274 (pc world) For me MS are winning hands down !!

Who ever has the gold makes the rules and Microsoft has the gold. Sony was richer than Nintendo and Sega and managed to kill off Sega. But now with Microsoft in the mix Sony is a pesent company compairable to what Nintendo was to Sony back in the 32bit and 64bit days. I do think there is enough room for 3 game consoles in todays market, nintendo will always be around with there franchise and of course there will always be the Sony fanboys supporting sony. Microsoft became the defacto lead company when its month to month Xbox sales toppled PS2 sales some time last year. PSP vs DS Proves that its not the power of the system anymore and more or less the bang you get for your money. Xbox live is a strong hold for MS and it will take time for Nintendo and Sony to produce something equivilant.
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