PS3 owners adopt Blu-ray, slowly

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Roughly a third of Playstation 3 owners have yet to try the console’s Blu-ray movie playback, according a recent survey.

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I’m in the 8 percent. I originally bought it for a bluray player… since that time I’ve started to buy games for it (as the good ones got older and therefor cheaper)

Ok, I am confused. I see one article saying the exact opposite on this site and then this article.

So what is it? Are they using it or not? LOL.

maybe the ratio is decreasing. when the ps3 first came out, it was the same price or cheaper than a bluray player. So when people had the choice they went with a ps3 (easily upgradable, also plays games, easy choice).

now bluray players have dropped in price, probably slowed down the amound of people that buy it just for a bluray player.

I have quite a good collection of blurays, but a lot of my friends just use it as a gaming machine. I think they’re missing out, especially when you see the likes of batman dark knight etc!

Saying that though, over here ASDA(walmart) is starting to sell more blurays for £10, which is quite cheap really for the UK.

My kids bought their PS3 but I ponied up a portion of the price because I was looking at buying standalone Blu-Ray player. However, other than the 5 free Blu-Rays I got for buying the PS3, I have watched one other Blu-Ray, Iron Man. We play lots of DVD’s in the PS3, though. I am getting direct HDMI to my Samsung HD Plasma and optical digital out to the 5.1 amp. There is a slight, but detectable, improvement in video quality and sound over the S-Video and analog audio connections (but not the optical digital audio output) from my Toshiba DVD player.

Quite simply, for the price, Blu-Ray is not worth it for all but the most intricate movies, mostly SF and action movies. Who’s going to pay the upcharge to watch I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell on Blu-Ray?

One of the best features of the PS3 is its ability to link to a media server and stream video (codecs MPG -MPEG-1 (MPEG Audio Layer 2) (.MPG), -MPEG-2 PS (MPEG2 Audio Layer 2, AAC LC, AC3(Dolby Digital), LPCM) (.MPG), -MPEG-2 TS (MPEG2 Audio Layer 2) (.MPG), -MPEG-4 Part3 (MPEG-4 AAC Low Complexity (unprotected)) (.MP4), -MPEG-4 Part2 (MPEG-4 SP; MPEG-4 ASP) (.MP4), -MPEG-4 DivX (in AVI) (.AVI), -MPEG-4 H.264 (.MP4 / .M4V), -MPEG-4 AVC (.MP4), DivX (.AVI / MPG), XviD (.AVI / .MPG), AVI (.AVI), Motion JPEG, -Motion JPEG (Linear PCM) , -Motion JPEG (μ-Law), VC-1 (.WMV), AVCHD (.m2ts / .mts )).

You can even burn .AVI to a CD and play in the drive. In addition, it becomes a massive jukebox for your ripped CD collection. The PS3 has obsoleted my 200 CD Nakamichi player.

Shaoin007, maybe its because those numbers came from the Entertainment Merchant’s Association 2008 Annual Report on the Home Entertainment Industry. Maybe biased ?

The 30% is from NPD study. Who do you believe ?

Prices of the BR movies need to drop. Then BR might capture some of that remaining 30%.

@ Icy Mt,

I think you are right, there are a few blurays I’ve bought that hasn’t a great difference between dvd and bluray, but if you are into wildlife/nature films, then there is a BIG difference, especially on a 1080p tv. I also feel that the newer movies that are done with iMAX cameras are the films that really pust the quality of the films.

I personally can’t wait for startrek, transformers 2, and terminater salvation to come out on bluray, because if the picture quality is as good as it was at the cinema for these releases then I’m going to be a very happy bunny!!

[QUOTE=Icy Mt.;2452959]Quite simply, for the price, Blu-Ray is not worth it for all but the most intricate movies, mostly SF and action movies. Who’s going to pay the upcharge to watch I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell on Blu-Ray?[/QUOTE]
Nobody should be paying an “upcharge” period.

For me after having adjusted to HD movies watching SD can be almost painful, no matter what I’m watching. I can’t settle for what I see as a blurry picture on any movie, be it sci-fi, action or comedy. However disc price is still what continues to get me.

I do not like feeling like my over-priced Blu-ray purchase is subsidizing the, often substantially, lower-priced DVD! This goes double (maybe triple, quadruple or more) for catalog releases. It’s really awesome when my $20+ Blu-ray’s DVD counterpart is in the cheap bin at Wal-Mart. For extra coolness most of the time that DVD has the exact same content, and occasionally even MORE content, than the Blu-ray. That’s just rad! Don’t get me started on the multitude of Blu-ray extras that are presented in glorious SD…

With all its shenanigans the video industry has pretty much lost me. I now buy a scant few “must haves” a year. Other than that I’m getting off this roller-coaster.

[/end rant]