PS3 outsells the Wii again in Japan

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Even though hardware sales numbers have bounced around because of the turbulent global economy, market research indicates that the Sony PlayStation 3 has yet again topped hardware charts in…

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Next boost will come when Sony and their PS3 will accept mkv container along with Divx 7 support. Since Sony is flirting with Divx already IMO that functionality would boost sales even more but they have to be quick else many hardware producers will follow LG’s BD370 and BD390 and JVC’s XV-PB1 which already support mkv 1080p and again for many producers i’d be just a firmware update away (so for PS3 though).

I highly doubt Sony will add MKV support to the PS3. That format is basically used to spread pirated content in HD. Since they own recording and movie companies and are pushing Blu-Ray, I don’t see how they would encourage the usage of MKV.

It might give them a marginal boost on PS3 sales but it helps hurt them on other fronts.

That update would basically only be good for existing PS3 costumers. I doubt that potential PS3 buyers would choose the PS3 for their MKV support. You can get much cheaper alternatives, e.g. the WD HD TV, which sells for just 99€. A WD HD TV plus a Xbox 360 would still be cheaper than the PS3.

Of course the PS3 is ourselling the wii, the wii is virtually anywhere, it is not that it is losing its share of the gaming biz, it is that everyone already has one

It is my understanding that the demo of Final Fantasy XIII is driving sales of the PS3 through the roof. Apparently, there is a lot of interest in this game demo. It has been given credit for the sudden movement of hundreds of thousands of sales of PS3’s recently.

This makes sesnse as I hear often that one thing that hurts the PS3 is a lack of really good games. Perhaps this speaks to that point…

The only reason I got a Wii here recently, is for my 2 year old. By the end of the year, she will probably be using it. Also, the wife likes the Wii too and the Wii is more attractive to females I have noticed. I would of rather got a PS3 but it was more for one and the wife doesn’t like it. Maybe if the price came down more I would consider getting one…

The Final Fantasy franchise has an enormous fanbase and following, especially in Japan. Doesn’t surprise me that it’s helping PS3 sales.

It’s been said numerous times already. FFXIII, Grand Turismo 5 and God of War 3 will crush everything in 2009-2010. This is just a preview of what’s to come and only from a demo…imagine the real deals.

A ha! So it is not avi or mp3 or even divx or directly ripped Blu-Ray transport streams (PS3 is supporting) - MKV IS THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL. I knew there was something I couldn’t grasp. Thank you.