PS3 motion controller delayed until fall

PS3 motion controller delayed until fall.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony has announced that the release of its motion-sensing PlayStation 3 controller will now be delayed from an anticipated spring launch to autumn 2010.

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The only decent games for wii tend to be nintendo’s in-house varieties.

At least the Sony PS3 seems to have some sort of minimum standard for it’s games, even if it’s solely due to the difficulty in developing for an unfamiliar architecture.

It seperates the wheat from the chaff … and most wii games seem to be chaff.

umm doesn’t the current ps3 controller already have motion sensing built in? I was used during heavenly sword… and to play their bowling game from the online store?

The PS3 controller is more of a tilt sensor rather than a motion sensor.

It amazes me that PS3 and Xbox 360 still doesn’t have motion controller/sensing after the Wii has been running it for years already.