PS3 low price costs Sony over $3 billion in loses



I just posted the article PS3 low price costs Sony over $3 billion in loses.

While Sony has succeeded in winning the HD disc format war with the help of its PS3, according to Sony’s fiscal 2008 annual report, the console has cost Sony about $3.3 billion in losses…

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Poor guys, I’m so say for sony… ;-(


@ Seán I posted this story just after you did. Damn. At any rate, my heart weeps at Sony’s misfortunes. I wonder if they would have had better luck if they had put in a reasonably priced DVD drive instead of that ridiculously priced Blu-ray drive.
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What kind of moron designs an $800 console?


Let’s all take up a collection for $ony!


Talking-Up the Cheap [Talk] Anybody who believes this kind of beancounting gymnastics ought to have his brain permanently locked in the freezer [where it has been for quite some time]. Economies of scale is for advancing competition but when greedy entities unleash their “desires”, their “psy-this & psy-that” screwing of others’ psyche always ends up in the same corner, fashion. Irrelevant, cheap, immoral and a whole hosts of “trying too hard” join in the melee. The result, everyone become a critic for that is the way to cultivate “sophistication” and the groomed response to that tart. “And your point, duckie ?” Whose $3 billion was that? Really? Multi-nationals make a hell of a pile through hedging like so-called currency and fund [this ‘N that] managers. You can’t lose what you’ve ever had in the first place. It’s just that you’ve failed to keep some of the loot that’s all. People who really work for their wages “funding” the desires, indulgences & lifestyles of the cruel, clever, & the cunning. Planning how to rob others is not hard work. Comprende? OK, you can now retrieve your brain from the freezer – a bit at a time lest you lose it all back to the fashioatas. The 5 fundamental human senses are infinitely more precious, acute and truly sophisticated than any techno-junk the mind-mavericks can dream up otherwise, how can anyone appreciate all the ballyhoo drummed up by these idiotics-cum-lunatics? If so, why do people stoop to the level of these mesmeric tricks? Becasue they lack valuation of themselves and others which leaves the door open for these mind-benders to enter – with their tarted-up nonsense. If you don’t use your heart, you’ll lose it and if you don’t use your brain, you’ll lose that too for within that situation of vacuum, you’ll ingest whatever nonsense your ego and conditionings can muster.


Thanks, Sony! Glad we got an $800 system for $300. As usual, no thanks from the anti-Sony fanboys.


Sony won the war? HA! What a joke! Only if the CONSUMER chose Bluray could Sony say they won the war. They didn’t win ANYTHING. rolls eyes Betamax lost to VHS due to market share - this HD DVD vs Bluray is totally different. The consumer NEVER spoke! :frowning: Toshiba BAILED OUT at 1 billion in losses. They could smell the coffee- they could see the handwriting on the wall- they have an upconversion coming that will blow Bluray into the grave! Sony has painted themselves into a corner with this Bluray fiasco. Thay CANNOT drop out- it’s their “all-in” hand- it’s do or die. Believe me, they wish they never started this mess- I mean, how many companies will take a 3 billion dollar loss and keep on the same path? Noone with a lick of sense! Sony is out of control. Sony is still praying for the new “Walkman”. LOOOL! I predict that Bluray - along with help via Microsofts Xbox, the Wii and DVD that Sony will kamikazee into the ground with this last foolhardy venture! GOOD RIDDANCE. And take your rootkits with you. :d Boycott Bluray!!! Let the man know what you think of these newer, sophisticated, DRM controls!!! :S
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$3 Billion plus what they spent on buying out the studios is a nice chunk of change… And Im supposed to be unhappy about this… :B


Sony’s 2008 revenue is $88.7 billion. $1.2 billion loss a year is a piece of cake for a company this big. And PS3 is a 10 years long-term plan. $3 billion loss in the first two years, they have another 8 years to make it up.


I’m not going to boycott bluray, as I liked movies in HD. On XBOX Live you can’t only download the movie for a few days. I kinda like buying movies to collect. I think Bluray looks a fair bit better than an upconverted dvd on my tv, so I’ll only buy stuff in HD. I can’t see another optical format coming in at this point, so i’m good with bluray. The DRM might be over kill, but it doesn’t matter so much for the ones I buy… and the DRM has already been cracked, just like DVD DRM was cracked, so no biggie there.


:slight_smile: Couldn’t be happier with my PS3!!! :slight_smile: MGS4 is the best game this gen so far, easily. It couldn’t have been done without Blu-ray. And, unlike Toshitba, Sony will make that money back. :X


Crabbyappleton wrote"Sony has painted themselves into a corner with this Bluray fiasco." Look!!!what we’ve got here is a complete bias towards SONY.Everytime i browse CDFREAKS there’s another story trying to discredit SONY, what’s that all about?Let me remind all you Haters that the MOVIE STUDIOS backed BLU-RAY because of it’s superiority,along with all the big players including Pioneer, Panasonic ,Apple, Dell. HD-DVD with the support of heavyweights such as Hp,Mickysoft and Intel, no region coding still got it’s ass kicked. Get over it guys SONY’s investment in BLU-RAY is long term, and in 5 years will be showing higher profit margins.


Don’t get me wrong guys, but do you really belive in that 10 years life spain of the PS3 ? It’s a bad joke… it cannot really beat the Xbox360 at this moment, what will happen in another 5-6 years when it has to compete with brand new hardware like a new Xbox and new Wii ??? On the BluRay part, many of us do not like the way the story happened, neither some companies behind BluRay, but well sure it’s the only HD format, - let’s not talk about downloadable contents, they are even worse than BluRay… - so we like BR or not we have to live with it. For me the worst thing regarding BR is its price.


@ micro$soft (guest) “Let me remind all you Haters that the MOVIE STUDIOS backed BLU-RAY because of it’s superiority” First, try switching to decaf! :B Second- they went with Bluray because they thought the DRM was going to be superior to HDDVD. I guarantee you this is the only reason they dumped HDDVD. If Bluray was cracked first- they would have all run like roaches to HDDVD. What the heck is superior about HDDVD over Bluray as far as features and peddling a movie is concerned? Bluray is still playing catchup to HDDVD. What a crock of shite. :r People were ripping the hell out of HDDVD they got from Netflix and were bragging about it online. The studios mistakenly thought that the glorious BD+ was going to stop these actions so that they could charge folks to do this action. Of course, what other choice did they have anyway? Then Slysoft cracked Bluray in a few months as opposed to the “years” it was supposed to take. So now, I suppose we will hear the old: “It is just meant to stop the casual copier” crap again. :d Bluray is a dead format. No one wants to “invest” in it. :S If it wasn’t for the PS3- we wouldn’t even be discussing this. There is no install base even today of stand-alone bluray players. Last weekend, I was at the store and picked up 3 DVDs. Both Bluray and DVD was buy 2 get one free. I asked the dude at the checkout if anyone was buying Bluray- as I saw a few flimsy cardboard stands with Bluray movies gathering dust on them sitting around the store. He said: “No”. :X
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@dude LMAO, 1.2 biillion is nothing? I knew Sony would be posting big losses. And if Bluray doesn’t pan-out like they expect, they are in some deep do-do!


@ dude “Sony’s 2008 revenue is $88.7 billion. $1.2 billion loss a year is a piece of cake for a company this big.” Yes, revenue. Not profit. If they make $88.7 billion in revenue but have costs of $85.7 billion then their PROFIT is only $3 billion. Now subtract the $1.2 billion LOSS and you’re down to $1.8 billion in profit. Suddenly it becomes painfully clear how much the PS3 has hurt the company.


@ DukeNukem You’re out of the league obviously. Big players don’t play small and short. Long term plan they do. You know oil companies? They invest big before they can get their first paycheck.