PS3 Hulu mysteriously not working

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Sony PlayStation 3 owners used to have the ability to watch Hulu content through their video game consoles, but recent reports indicate problems with viewing content on the popular video site.


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It’s funny how people are so quick to blame Sony. It’s obvious that Hulu is blocking it like they did with Boxee.

Im a PC: Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t want it to seem like I’m blaming Sony in this case… at least not yet. I edited the article a bit to point out that it’s very possible Hulu pulled its content.

I don’t know who is to blame for this, but just hope to see Hulu content back for PS3 owners.

“…but has expanded to the TV using streaming devices and set-top boxes”

Umm…what set-top boxes. I do not know of any set-top boxes currently made for Hulu. Also, if you are including the PS3 as one of these boxes…it doesn’t count, because it’s just using a web browser to access the same website, instead of a custom-made TV interface. (From screenshot above, it looks like you are just using the PS3 web browser to access

It’s Hulu doing the blocking. I haven’t updated my PS3 firware yet & I can’t watch any videos on the site from my PS3. Engadget also mentions that if you impersonate the PS3 browser user-string, Hulu blocks you, so they’re specifically making the content unavailable for the PS3 browser. Lame, Hulu.

Hulu is blocking the PS3, it has nothing to do wit the PS3 firmware.

I’ve written up a workaround for this. It’s definitely Hulu and they’re checking the User-Agent header in the HTTP request. If you proxy and rewrite the header, it works like a champ: