PS3 Home service launches, Microsoft bashes it



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The long awaited and highly anticipated PS3 Home online service launched in public beta today, making the service available to all PS3 users around the globe. PS3 systems connected to the net will…

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mmm, sounds like a worried man if he has to come out all guns blazing! lol, as they say, sometimes silence is golden!:wink:

anyway, home does have huge potential if its worked on properly! i’ve been on the closed beta and its very positive so far. i’m hoping sony don’t screw this one up!:bow:


Here, the PS3 has a major advantage over the XBOX 360. Both in price (free vs. subscription fee) and in availability (global vs. territorial). Let’s see how the competition goes.


Even I, feel that i want a PS3 just to be on Home :slight_smile:
But, maybe i wait for the watt use to go down a bit more… if they ever get a cheaper smaller nm cell installed. :slight_smile:


my ps3 home software cant worked properly…after the signing in,they just show the replied “this content cannot be accessed on your account”…how should i do about that???..plizz help me…