PS3 hackers: graf_chokolo pushes back, Waninkoko calls it quits

PS3 hackers: graf_chokolo pushes back, Waninkoko calls it quits.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony doesn't want anyone hacking its PlayStation 3 console. This much was clear after it filed a TRO against George Hotz in January after he opened up the console. However, one hacker from New Jersey is a drop in the bucket to a global corporation. Other hackers have been targeted for their work on the console. One is fighting back. Another doesn't think the increased scrutiny and possible legal fees are worth the trouble. 

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No matter. Waninkoko has done so much “good work” that the Nintendo Wii is completely wide open for someone with enough program skills. I can totally understand his decision regarding Sony.

I am very curious what Sony tries to accomplish by suing people for a million dollars…

Once again it’s totally clear who wins most lawsuits -> the people/companies with more money than you.