PS3 hacker graf_chokolo sued by Sony for 1 million Euros

PS3 hacker graf_chokolo sued by Sony for 1 million Euros.

[newsimage][/newsimage]On Wednesday, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe along with German police raided the home of graf_chokolo, a renowned hacker. They seized computer equipment and a PlayStation 3 console. The unexpected visit did not dissuade the rebellious man known in real life as Alexander Egorenkov, however. He still uploaded his work on reverse engineering the console's hypervisor and re-implementing Linux capabilities Sony originally included in the machine, but later removed. According to the hacker, he will never stop - even as Sony sues him for 1 million Euros.

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The harder sony pushes, the harder everyone pushes back.
Methinks the rest of the world is going to push sony through wall … and off the continent :iagree:

Where’s the donate button?

They really think they are going to collect:rolleyes: All they’ll do is piss off even more hackers and the tricks are going to be improved and posted everywhere. Give folks a cool toy with advertised extras then just take them away and that’s what tends to happen anyways. Folks find a way to add back what they have lost. The smart companies embrace the hacks as it adds cool stuff that will make even more techie type folks buy their gear, plus they can void warranties if they find out later but still sell more goodies so no real cost to them and possibly much more profit.
The stupid ones sue everybody who adds features, even ones they used to include…

I think the hacker should counter sue Sony with harassment and whatever the rico act is in the EU. If I buy a pc with windows on it, should MS have the right to confiscate it if I desire to put linux or osx on it? I guess sony needed the extra ps3 since lg b!tchslapped them out of the EU, go lg. Once a buyer pays your money, then the machine is not your property, its the owners. Worst thing sony should legally be able to do is boot them out of the online sony community. But I would expect no less from the gestapo in Germany or here in the US.