PS3 hack case: Sony goes after Twitter users & YouTube commenters



PS3 hack case: Sony goes after Twitter users & YouTube commenters.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony - buoyed by the court's decision to compel Hotz to take down all PS3 hacking information from his website and turn over his personal computer - is now widening its search for not only other hackers who may have helped crack the console, but those on the event's periphery as well. If you commented on the YouTube video showing off the PS3 jailbreaking or tweeted about the hack, beware: Sony wants your personal information, and it wants it bad.

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This is insane. One can’t even comment on a YouTube video without worrying about being the target of a legal investigation now? Give it up, Sony. Let people do what they want in their own homes with the devices they purchase. Nothing good is going to come of all this BS.


I wish YouTube would tell Sony to go screw themselves with respect to information about who viewed the video and posted etc…


I wonder if they’re only requesting identifying information on commenters/tweeters who are exposing more instructions/files related to the hack. Either way it’s quite a shame that you have to be worried about who you follow on Twitter (as is the case with the Anonymous account, where they attempted to gain identification information on all followers) and what you comment on in YouTube.


Already posted that one…



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I like that. :slight_smile:


What’s next. Sony going to try and sue those of us who read this post?
The hell with them!


Next week:
Sony sues everyone that uses the internet just in case they’ve read the PS3 master key &/or how to bypass firmwares.


Here in the USA you might have to settle for being sued by LG…