PS3 hack case: Additional details on the Sony-Hotz settlement

PS3 hack case: Additional details on the Sony-Hotz settlement.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony's initial announcement concerning its settlement with 21-year-old hacker George Hotz was light on details. The company, after pursuing legal recourse for nearly three months against Hotz for his work jailbreaking the PlayStation 3, was hesitant to say much. The most telling piece of early information was that Hotz agreed to a permanent injunction. More details have come out regarding just what that court order means for Hotz now and in the future.

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I wouldn’t call this a settlement. It’s completely gagging him. I don’t know who is lawyer is, but i’m never asking that person for legal advice ever.

Hmm… just an idea… if some hacker hacked Hotz’ computer and got hold of all the Sony information details, that would not break the settlement…

What’s more, Sony has been amazingly cautious with Hotz after their SCEA hounds’ plans went public…