Ps3 format

Hello I was going to format my ps3 so I can put ubuntu on it, but I would like to back up my save game data and I have to my flash drive. I can not do a full backup because I dont have enough space on my flash drive. So instead I just backed up my savegames only. now when the ps3 is formatted would I be able to put the save games from the flash drive back on the ps3 AND HAVE THEM WORK CORRECTLY because im afraid after I do this it will not let me transfer the save games from my flash back to the ps3 and work? plz help

Delete the movies, and uninstall any games you don’t want :slight_smile:
Then do a backup :wink:

k thx ive deleted some unnesecary games and now I have the full backup but Im afraid of when i restore my gta4 save It will give me that U did not make this save game error message like it always does? is that just that 1 game or do all ps3 games do that???

I can only tell you that Assassins Creed Saved games work fine after replacing the HDD.

/me replaced the crappy 40GB HD with a 320GB HDD & restored all his downloads & save games OK :smiley:

You will have to do a little more research concerning GTA4 (I’m not familiar with any problems that may be associated with this particular game) - I would expect it to be fine.

When you boot the PS3 (after replacing the HDD) and set up the first user, make sure it’s identical to the username you have now :wink:

ok Ill do that thx for u guyz help.