PS3 firmware adds support for DTS-HD

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The Playstation is more than a Blu-ray capable player, but many home theater enthusiasts hated its lack of support for DTS-HD. These complaints are answered since Sony will be adding support for…

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That first paragraph sounds really familiar…

Lol…I wonder if it is designed to play games too…maybe that would be a nice addition…lol

They could also do this with DVD if they didn’t put all those extras in there and strictly concentrated on sound and video quality and had the gumption to do it. DVD Audio players are more than capable of playing at those specs.

Isn’t hdmi 1.3 required? Far as I know that’s the only one with a big enough pipe for DTS-HD. So either analog input or update your AV receiver for 1.3.

CDRLabs plagiarized !!! OMFG :B Next stop CDRLabs “Rants and Raves” forum section! :stuck_out_tongue:
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Already there bud. :wink:

does anyone know when the update will be?