PS3 "corrupt file" message

I have transfered almost 400 movies to “GENERIC.AVI.XVID” format to a 1 TB external hard drive to hook up to my PS3. I have had a lot of little bumps along the way trying to figure out the best way and what format to do them in along with file size. Got it down pretty good now though.

Couple of things I have found that might help others if your playing movies on the PS3 like I do with a external HD.

  1. You get a “Corrupt File” message for the movie title. Try to play it anyways, the PS3 will reconize the file name after it starts to play the movie and you can hit back and see the movie title now.

  2. If you try to play a movie and nothing ever happens, for example, you try playing a long movie like “Lord of the Rings” well you have to re-rip it again and select the “Fixed Bit Rate” option and type in “4000” When it’s done and you go to play it on the PS3 it will work now. I think this b/c the movie file is to big for some reason. This has worked for me everytime I ran into this problem. It was the same way for “Scarface” also. Did the “4000” Fixed Bit thing and it played and there was nothing wrong with the play back.

My question and problem is once you get your PS3 to read and reconize all your movie files and you have sat there hitting “play” and “back” for 30 + min. to get all your movie titles to show up you better not turn off your PS3 b/c you will have to do the same process over again. So why is this and why does it see some movies and not others. And why can’t it remember that files title after you turn it off and back on again and never disconnected the external HD from it?

If I have to re-rip all of those movies… well lets say I’m not going through that! It took long enough doing nearly 400 and I’m not about to redo 100 or more just to get the title to show. And I wasn’t going to do a movie then hook to the PS3 and check it then hook it back to the computer and do the next one and so forth 400 + times! LOL

Any suggestions besides redoing them?

You might try hooking the drive up to a streaming device that supports DNLA (and specifically the PS3) on your network. The PS3 is not that great at external drive access with lots of files. Do keep in mind that the PS3 only has 356MB of ram to work with so sub-directories might be in order even with a streaming solution.

What is a name of a “Streaming Device” and how much do they run?

I use a Synology NAS Cube Station but there are many out there that support UPNP/DNLA (and the PS3 specifically).

use tversity. it is fantastic. even though all my files work on ps3 with no problems, i still stream through tversity.

also, if you own a psp, u can can watch all your movies on the go through remote play. going this route means the movies do not need to download to your psp first. it will just stream.

hope this helps!!

I’ll look it up.

What type of files did you create for youe PS3?

VOB Passthrough.

Ok did the whole Tversity thing but when I play the movies on my PS3 it constantly skips! How do I stop this from happening?

K, tried hooking up PS3 through “wired” connection instead of wireless and it still skips really bad. Any suggestions?

need more details please.

have these videos skipped from the begining when you tried to play them from your external drive to your ps3?

i dont know much about xvid. but i did just write up a guide with a full walkthrough for a common setting to your devices.

search the forum for “guide for” and look at the 6th post.