PS3 connection to media server

I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to have my PS3 detected by both Windows Media Player or PS3 media server (yes, latest build available), without success. Most people seem to be able to do it without a glitch, but neither WMP or PMS even just see the PS3. However, the PS3 can follow the path (wired) to the internet with no problem.

I have followed (unless I missed something) all steps suggested with both servers. Since the PS3 is connected to a switch (that goes to the router), I also tried directly to the router with another cable. - All computers on that same switch are visible from the computer I am having this issue.

Starting PS3 media server : i should see the PS3, I don’t. From the PS3 if I ‘‘search for media servers’’, I get nothing either.

Since my computer is tri-boot (XP, Vista and 7), I tried to do everything on all 3 systems : same results! I tried to install on Administrator profile, tried to run as admin on other profiles, there’s nothing that works.

I’ve run out of ideas. Most likely, this is either a network issue or maybe security ? Can’t find it.

Any idea anyone ?:bow:

Setup :
PC : Core 2 Duo Ghz, 4 GB ram
Windows XP Pro (32bit), Vista 64bit, Win7 64bit
Connected directly to Linksys router (wired)

PS3 (brand new, with latest software update)
Connected (wired) to switch that is connected to same router (Linksys) - also tried directly to router (wired)

Been there/Done that:

  • created a media folder with 3 subfolders for music, videos, pictures - all with content of course
  • enabled media server connexion on PS3
  • enabled share media in WMP
  • changed network location from Homegroup to Work Network
  • made sure the media drive was shared
  • much more steps and details…

I have the PS3 Media server working but I had to click the “Install as a Windows Service” to get it to recognize my PS3.

Yep… Tried that too…

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: