PS3 closing ground on Xbox 360

PS3 closing ground on Xbox 360.

[newsimage][/newsimage]After years of trailing the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 on the sales charts, the Sony PlayStation 3 continues to close the gap on the Xbox 360.

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Thats because PS3 launch price was ridiculous. Now ppl who wanted one are getting one. Personally i did buy a 360 but i am already looking at selling it because none of the new ones are that good. Most of it is the fact that games seems to be stamped out like all the new CoD are same game with a few changes. Unlike with the older system you could get real games that were good.

So now i just play on my computer because of the wide verity of stuff i can do. Only good thing is that you get less cheaters on console systems.

Xbox live is fun but if you don’t have the newer games you end up playing with a bunch of Australian kids. But ones you fined a few good friends and and all that i found xbox live to be nice the PS3 online. But then again you do pay for xbox live…

I got the PS3 for xmas and that was mainly due to two reasons: the price decline and the built in bluray player. I now have all three consoles - including the wii, and xbox 360. Though I have to say, the xbox 360 seems to have a better selection of games.

The XBox360 to me is definitely the best console of this generation simply because of the game selection. (plus it has the primary game i like on any console which is the Forza Motorsport series (a XBox/XBox360 exclusive) which for me is the i only real reason i have the XBox360 to this day primarily for those two games (i.e. Forza2 and now (mostly) Forza3))

plus the 360 can be moded easily :wink: , but it’s only fatal flaw is system reliability which is MUCH lower than it should be (typically HIGH failure rates). the original XBox was much more reliable. i have had my 360 since April 2007 (i got it used from ebay) and it’s still going good to this day but i may have been lucky but i gotten a Nyko Intercooler EX (DONT get a original Intercooler as they had major issues from stuff i seen online!) which seems to cool it MUCH better than stock cooling as the sides of the case are much cooler to the touch after hours of gameplay. but nowadays they have a newer Intercooler which does not use the 360’s power to power it so i would assume that’s even better than the one i have but i never tested it so i can’t really comment to much on it.

the Nintendo Wii to me is for a different (non-serious) type of gamer. so overall i don’t really care for it to much myself although it’s not bad and can be somewhat fun at times. plus in general Nintendo has a reputation as being a kiddie system as most of it’s exclusive games are kids games as they have a kid theme to them.

the PS3 for me personally had no (exclusive) games that are worth buying the system for so this gets the thumbs down from me overall. (i used to be a huge fan of the Gran Turismo series but since Forza Motorsport came along (on XBox1/Xbox360) i just can’t play Gran Turismo anymore as it’s just plain worse than Forza is especially when Forza is played with ALL assists OFF which makes it more fun/challenging etc)

p.s. as far as shooter games i can’t use consoles at all… i am FAR better on a PC simply because it’s much easier (feels more natural) to aim and track things on screen much more quickly to the point i can enjoy a PC shooter but not a console shooter. but currently i am pretty much out of the game on PC side of things due to my single core CPU which pretty much kills any chance of me running any recent-ish games (the rest of my PC should still be within playable ranges for games but due to CPU being bottleneck i am screwed atm)

on a side note :wink: … i currently have my XBox360 (the one i have don’t have a HDMI port) connected to my 24" PC LCD monitor using a VGA cable (got from ebay for less than 10 bucks and i run 1920x1080 (which is the recommended res of my monitor :wink: ) and the audio (red/white converted to 3.5mm jack) connected to the input jack of the back of the PC so the sound comes out of my PC speakers which are MUCH better than the speakers built into the monitor which are genuinely horrible (100percent volume and you can barely hear it) … bottom line this setup is a major improvement over my standard def 27" TV that i been using since i got my 360 as text is much easier to read due to the higher res and the sound is a pretty big improvement to as i got solid PC speakers as the ones on that 27" TV where just your average OK set of speakers.