PS3 bad for your hands?

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Caution Sony PlayStation gamers: Too much gaming could lead to a unique skin disorder that affects gamers who hold the controller with too tight of a grip.
The "PlayStation palmar…

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i’ve been playing playstation since the first system was released. never have i had any kind of hand trouble. as an adult now i play up wards to 6 7 hours sometimes, nothing, i’m not sayin theirs not reprocautions from prolonged gaming but to say the control causes a skin contion, looks o me like some body just wants to attack sony, the fact is Its ps3 cause it actually the 3 rd edition to he series. i don’t belive that it’s a rare case like a kid being allergeic to playdo, thats the parents responsibilty, sony makes a good product and the controls remain unchanged ruffly since the very beging

I guess these kids have quite the kung-fu grip. Perhaps rubbing hand lotion all over the controller will prevent chafing?

I’ve always had a Wii Knee and it has got me into trouble several times…:stuck_out_tongue:

My car gives me the same condition when I drive it for 16 hours straight what is that condition called? Maybe Chysler should comment on my “condition”

No shit, play Tennis a few hours everyday for a month and come back tell me your hand is not suffering!

Problem with that playstation controller is I bet it was full of bacteria also.

By the way, I’m from Switzerland near Geneva, this was not due to a PS3 controller. It was a PS2 controller (which are arguably the same, but still).

so ps3 is bad for your hands?? so is playing with urself, doesn’t mean you’re gonna stop though, does it?:bigsmile: