PS3 and MP4 Audio synch



I’ve been happily using ImTOO DVD Ripper Platinum for quite some time, to convert my media content to play on my PS3.

At some point after PS3 firmware update 2.35 however, the audio synch went out on any file converted using the “PS3 Video (480p) MPEG-4 Excellent (*.mp4)” profile. This is true for files that have been converted way before the firmware update, and played fine then, and any converted afterwards. The files still play fine on a PC, but when played on the PS3 the audio is way out of synch.

I contacted Sony Support, and they were not much help, providing me examples of files that do work fine and suggesting the problem is in the settings for the conversion.

I have found with experimentation that files converted using PSP profiles DO work fine with audio synch, but the picture quality on a 40 inch TV is less that desirable.

I’m using version 4.0.87 (registered) of DVD Ripper.

So what settings can I use to get MP4 files to play with audio in synch, at an excellent picture quality on a PS3, as the PS3 profiles no longer seem to be any use.


Well it seems I don’t need any help now (just as well given the lack of response) as the latest firmware just released by Sony has corrected the problem.


I’m glad that Sony fixed what they broke :iagree:
It’s been a commonly reported problem, across the world … but I must say that I never experienced the problem though.