PS3 and 5.1 cha sound howto?

Hi There,

I am using DVDFab Gold with the Mobile Option to change a number of VOB format DVDs that i have from when we had a Media Centre PC to be able to play on our PS3.

My question is, how do we keep the 5.1 when encoding via DVDFab?


For the best quality use the Vob Streamcopy option in DVDFab.

If HDD space is a consideration then your other option using DVDFab is generic AVI H264 with streamcopy audio. This will be good enough depending on what your quality requirements are.

Unfortunately, the default encoding for DVDFab is geared toward small mobile devices. If you want better quality encoding then you would need to create a custom profile in DVDFab or use a different encoding program. A search here for PS3 will show the way.

EDIT: If you use VOB streamcopy, make sure you have the latest firmware on your PS3 to avoid previous frame judder problems.

There are also a n umber of topics on just this which Complications and I have chucked aorund loads of idea’s and thoughts on this but we seem to both stick to VOB Copy option. Have a search for PS3 abd audio in the forum to read them…lots of good info. Complications does seem to know his stuff on this so you should listen to him/her.

Some audio streams do cause problems though so if you get problems with one DVD try another to see if it isn’t just that one. I wasted days on one DVD that was subtly different to every other one…

@ OP,
Do you stream the video to the PS3 or burn to disc first? Anyway,what I normally do is just backup the main movie only(b/c I usually don’t care about all the extra crap),with DVDFab to HDD…Then use either DVDShrink , DVDDecrypter or Vobmerge to create one large .VOB…
Stream or burn to disc and play video with ac3 5.1 ch audio on the PS3. I have to tell you,I don’t recall the last time I had frame judder problems…I do have issues from time to time with HD content,but rarely,and solvable with some work…Knock on wood!

I have been successfully using DVDFab to rip the main movie only and selected audio format. I then use VOBMerge to create one VOB file which I stream with Twonky 4.4.6 from my Buffalo Terastation Live to my PS3. This has worked flawlessly. The video and audio are perfect since they are bit for bit the same as the orginal DVD.

With one particular DVD that has 3 audio tracks, I have been frustrated getting any audio to play. The audio tracks are 1) English AC-3/5.1, 2) English DTS/5.1, and 3) English AC-3/2. I have ripped the DVD with all 3 tracks, combinations of 2 of the tracks, or each track individually. I can’t get any option to produce audio. I know that I can’t stream DTS through the PS3; but leaving out this track still doesn’t give me any audio.

I have ripped dozens of other DVDs with the same audio formats and have not had this problem.

Any suggestions? I want to do a bit for bit rip and not change the original format of the audio or video.

Thank you for your help.

Does it work when played with VLC? The most common cause for no audio for a VOB file on the PS3 is the audio delay is a very large number (positive or negative). You might try cutting the beginning frames using a MPEG editor.

I’ve also used tsMuxer to generate a M2TS file and rename to VOB which sometimes fixes the issue (and other times de-syncs the audio). tsMuxer also often fixes titles that show up with incorrect time remaining when played.

Like complications I find the tsMuxer to be useful fixing the odd audio problem…

I updated my PS3 to firmware version 2.50 and now the VOBs that would not play audio work. The DD 5.1 sound track now plays regardless of the combination of audio tracks I ripped from the DVD. I still am not sure what the original problem was; but I am happy that it is now working and won’t look back. Thank you for your help.