PS3 60GB $499/$459 at some sites

The PS3 just went down to $499. Might be time to take the plunge. :cool:

Still lots of $$$$ to play games I would rather buy a new DVD Recorder or Computer.
For that price plus a few games you can buy a HDTV.

Still can’t think of a reason to buy one, I’m not even talking about the $$$ either. Still kinda burned on the PSP when it first came out & how long it was a paperweight that played “Lumines”.

Anyway, there’s talk from Capcom, that there will be another price cut towards the end of the year. Let’s hope it turns out to be true & some kickass games also come out, there needs to be more than just 1.

how are the graphics vs Xbox360

I am thinking Wii.

a link would help or merchants’ names would do for those selling at $459.
$499 is old news, it is the new MSRP

I think etp is trying to say that besides for playing games you can use it to watch Blu-ray movies on your HDTV. :wink:

Given the cheapest standalone Blu-ray player is around $500 itself, this is a very good alternative for people who wanted to go blu-ray.

From an article over at ArsTechnica, it sounds like the cheap 60gb PS3’s won’t be here long. They are stopping production of these 60gb models and may be sold out by the end of the month. It is cheaper for Sony to produce the 80gb version with its inferior hardware compatibility to older PS2 games.

are we sure Blu-ray will win this race or be a dead end?

HD-DVD players are under $400, older generation (1st generation Toshiba A1) are around $250
Sony just launched a stand-alone blu-ray player for $500
haven’t seen HD-DVD burner surface the market yet, but saw blu-ray burner, specifically Liteon was on sale a few weeks ago for $299. This week, Frys has Philip Blu-Ray burner for $479
PS3 80gb version will come with rumbling controllers, Sony will knock the price down even further in December
XBOX 360 will as well lower the price, including HD-DVD equipped XBOX
thats the story I have gathered so far, so so far seems like no1 is winning, and lots of confused customers

Personally I’d rather buy an Xbox 360 or maybe a Wii rather than a PS3. I’m not into the new Blu-Ray/HD formats right now and wont be until there prices get a lot cheaper, thats why I wontwouldn’t get a PS3 causeyou pay more for the Blu-Ray Drive, when If I get a 360 I spend less and ifI get intothe HD format then I could just buy the add on.

Yep, and wal-mart has a free DVD remote with their package.

Also the quality of the PS3 hardware is very fine compared to other game units.

I am thinking of the model at Wal-mart with the DVD remote and the PS3 will upconvert to 1080P all dvds. But everyone is right that $499 is still a chunck of change.

Nice info, so now is the time to leap???

Must have missed that price change. I was checking at least once a week.

Very difficult to find discounted PS3s. Only one site at pricegrabber has the discount ($459). Walmart has the best deal for me. :bigsmile:

If you have the $$ to spend, go for it. Check out some nice quality made DVD or even Blu-ray movies on your HDTV and you will hate to go back to Standard Definition.

I’m not a fan of one camp, I use both and have seen both formats on my HDTV via LG GGW-H10N BD/HD-DVD burner/reader. But personally without HD-DVD burner in the market, I feel something missing buying a player only (ie XBOX HD DVD player) without being able to make backups of our precious discs. Just my personal view btw.

Also keep in mind that BD burner is going to be 3rd generation soon with LG GGW-H20N which can burn BD-R at 6x giving a full 25GB for around 15 mins. Meanwhile Toshiba “announced” SD-H903A HD-DVD burner still at 1x (more than an hour for 15GB).

$499 for the whole mess plus free shipping no tax and 6 total free movies!

PlayStation 3 (60GB)
$499.99 - Quantity: 1 - In Stock - Eligible for Amazon Prime shipping rates: join now
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Resident Evil - Apocalypse [Blu-ray] - Chris Benson
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Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray DVD Remote
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All Free plus 5 additional free movies! Shipped for $499 and the certificate for 5 additional movies. Sorry all, but I took the plunge. :flower:

If they have worked the bugs out and you have a TV with true 1080p capabilities via HDMI, then yes the graphics definitely stand out. I had a PS3 for a few days when they first came out and I currently have a 360 and I definitely noticed a difference. Once again though it depends on whether or not they fixed the bugs yet and if you have a good HDMI cable (and not whatever cheap piece of junk you could find).

I had one for a day and it was perfect. It just did not upconvert DVDs to 1080P so I took it back. You had to have a true 1080P source for it to work. Now thay have fixed all that with the new FW as well as the quality reports on the PS3 are nothing less than outstanding. I am not a Sony fan, but I love my new Sony LCD and with luck the PS3 when it gets here. With all the talk about Sony dumping this unit when the stock runs out to sell a cheaper made unit for a higher price, I jumped. :bigsmile: :iagree: With all the free stuff adding up to $144 or more as well as no tax and free ship. It was a deal maker for me. Hope I am not sorry LOL

Give your self a little time the Blu-ray player will drop to even below $200 in the the matter of moths if not weeks.