PS3 3D Blu-ray update available next week

PS3 3D Blu-ray update available next week.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony announced at the Tokyo Game Show this week that a PS3 firmware update will be available next Tuesday to enable 3D Blu-ray disc playback support. 

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everyone just replace their sdtv’s with hdtv’s. Probably a little too soon to ask people to upgrade yet again.

Last I checked I live in a 3D world. Yep… I just poked myself in the eye… it’s 3D all right. I don’t want it… stop pushing it on me! Next thing you know it will be a requirement like HDTV became and there will be $50 - $75 dollar converter boxes.

Anybody out there actually tried to “Buy” a 3D movie?
Everything that has been released to date is bundled with a hardware package of a specific manufacturer.
As for upgrading, still millions of 4x3 TV’s out there jsut begging to be replaced.

Of course the firmware update will be ‘optional’ if you never want to use PSN again. Otherwise to add the 3D Blu-Ray feature, you’re going to have to sacrifice other key features like using your USB ports or a third party hard drive or something else completely inane.

Sony is a paranoid schizophrenic afraid of the big bad homebrew groups.