PS3 3.56 firmware hacked just hours after release

PS3 3.56 firmware hacked just hours after release.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Assertions from the PS3 hacking community that the PS3 DRM was irreparably broken when the consoles “root key” was released to the public by George “GeoHot” Hotz were tested when Sony attempted a security patch with a mandatory new firmware release late Thursday.

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…What part of p8wn3d does sony not understand …

Not true. The firmware is as secure as anything. The only thing hackers have managed to do is dump some keys which aren’t the signing keys. Sony has fixed the random number generation and possibly added a Rootkit to PSN sign-in.

So homebrew does not run on 3.56 and won’t until someone finds another method of running code.

The console’s been on the market 3+ years already… might as well stick a fork in it, as consumers are waiting for the next gen consoles. Also doubt the strong growth the “console” gaming industry’s had over the last 10 years will be repeated in the next 10 due to the economy among other factors.

I’d strongly consider buying a PS3 if I could play my old PS2 games on it . . .