PS2Reality releases DivX player for Playstation 2 -needs trick

I just posted the article PS2Reality releases DivX player for Playstation 2 -needs trick.

Slashdot reports that owners of a Playstation 2 can now also enjoy DivX movies using their console. Earlier we already reported that there was a MP3 player released by Paradox, and now the group…

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did anyone manage to get this downloaded? it said they are changing server to me coz of the huge nimber of recent visits.

I have already dowloaded it!But not tested yet! :wink:

Tested! It works BUT only for about two mins of my films the quality is promosing. This is only a beta though and I hope to see it working 100%

do you need a modchip for this?

Tested it works perfectly. Of course you need a modchip how else could you play cd-r on your ps2. Can’t wait for the finished version.

How about combine DviX Player and Mp3 Player

Step by Step Info On How to Use PS2Reality For Playing Divx On your PS2!