PS2 & XBox Backup Help Please

Now that I’ve gotten past the Bad Burner, Aquired the needed AnyDVD and have finally found a way to have Recode install in my Nero 6 Suite I’m ready to attempt to backup my kids PS2 & XBox games. Of course I tried to backup a copy of a PS2 game using Nero Express, Recode kept giving me messages while trying to import and copy the entire disc, or I wouldn’t be asking for help.

Should I need any addional software, patches or plugins please let me know where to get these.

Thanks in advance.

You will need a modchip or other boot device to be able to play backups on a ps2…
If you have this then for dvd based which most are now just use dvd decryptor (free) and select mode\iso\read to read and mode\iso\write to write …

For what the XBOX is concerned: you need to have a modchip to read the XBOX discs. XBOX discs can’t be read in a normal DVD-ROM drive, you really need the XBOX for that. With a modchip installed you can put the XBOX DVD in the XBOX and transfer the contents over the network (using FTP) to your PC.

Are your consoles modded/chipped?

Ok cool…I have the programs for decrypting. I kinda need to know a little about the modchip deal.

Thanks in advance.

I can help you out with that for i h ave a modded xbox but not ps2 cause well their unpopular for being modded. But The xbox I can help. Do you know how do soilder good? Cause if you do this will save you some money. THe ship I recomend most is the excuter 3 mod chip it comes in a soilderless for 50 to 60 dollars and a manula install one for about 30 dollars. They are eligal in most states but its not to big of a deal the big deal is if you flash the microsoft bios which you probaly wontbe doing. the mod chips are both easey to install and come with highly detailed tutorials from most places you buy from. Another thing you will need to to make sure it fits the version of your consoles. The very first xboxed made were 1.0 and the lastest are 1.6 Just run a google search on xbox modchip and do some readding from the sites that pop up. Once your ready to buy the mod ship do some bargin shopping. Once you open your xbox case you will validate your 6 month xbox waranty. I hope this info helps ya.

For ps2 i use the swap magic/swap disk 3.0 and that seems to work good b/c i am not a big fan of mod chips… and to backup my games i just straight up copy them on nero 6 burning at 1x ONLY.

When i got the swap disk i ended up having to break the front of my ps2 tho b/c its cheap plastic

I have a Messiah 2 Modchip in my PS2. It is very easy to “back up” our game discs. Just pop into the DVD burner, bring up RecordNow and make an image file copy. Then burn the image onto disc. Can burn at 8X presently. Works great on DVD+R discs Bit-set to DVD-ROM. Otherwise you have to use DVD-R and these aren’t as consistant in playing in the chipped PS2.

I’m actually at this site looking for how to do the same with our new Xbox we got for Xmas. I"m pretty sure it’s 1.6 or 1.6b. There’s the “cheap-mod.” Look for it on the sites mentioned above. I’m thinking of doing that but then I read that it is not easy to “backup” our game discs for Xbox…why else would people want to mod their game consoles if they can’t use home-burned discs in them? Any help appreciated on how to do this.

If you use the swap discs, I’d take a look at this:

Using slide card is not good for your ps2. You just have to make sure you get the one that matches your version of ps2.

While there are alternatives for both consoles, a good soldered modchip offers the most flexibility. For the XBOX you can now find re-liable no-solder adapters for the chips and they will work just as well as soldering in the modchip (ie Xecutor 2.6+no solder adapter). For the PS2 IMHO the swap discs just don’t cut it. An increasing number of games are requiring multiple swaps, patches, ect. just to get them to work and sometimes it takes a little while for the fixes to be released. As long as you have a trusted installer put a good chip in your PS2, you will have the least amount of trouble out of any of the options. Of course it is best if you solder it yourself but the PS2 IS NOT for the inexperienced solderer. I for one have no regrets about spending the extra cash to get my PS2 chipped with a DMS3. No patches, no fixes, no multiple swaps, screwing up covers, ect. to deal with. Simply Pop the original in the PC and read to the HD, then write back to DVD-R (I really recommend a quality DVD-R disc on the PS2 for best results with all versions). I visit a number of PS2 forums and the most problems are with people who are using swap methods. For XBOX backups, that is a whole other story. You will need to replace the standard MS Dashboard (that green menu that boots up when you turn on an XBOX), with Evox, Unleash X, ect. in order to FTP your original disc over to your PC. Then pick up either Qwix or Craxton to convert the files into an ISO file and then burn to disc using your favorite PC burning program. There is a little bit more to it than that, but those are the basics.