PS2 won't play DVD+R

My first DVDs were -R and played fine in my PS2. Now I got 50 DVD+Rs and I burned the first one today. Kprobe was great(max PI=13, max PIF=3), and nero read test was too. I set the booktype to DVD-ROM. When I put the disk in it shows the first screen that says WARNING copyright blah blah blah but then after that it says unable to read disk. The disk plays fine on my computer and my parents and sisters stand-alone DVD players.

I remember looking at a compatability chart and it said all PS2s could play both formats fine. Does anybody else have problems playing +R in PS2s? I am about to order 100 +R disks, but if they aren’t going to play in my PS2 then I will have to go back to -Rs.

I have 1 ricoh +R that came with my drive I am thinking about burning it to see if the PS2 just doesn’t like optodisk 0R4s.

+R set to rom should not be the problem, i think that the media is the problem, try the ricoh,

the region setting of your dvd is correct (compatible with the ps2?)?

If the PS2 is like the Xbox, then different PS2’s will have different drives, meaning one may play DVD+R, another might not. Remember, these guys are theoretically looking for drives that DON’T play recordable DVD’s, to limit piracy.

…oh i forgot, what version of ps2 do you have? only versions above 8 (europe SCPH 50004) are compatible with +r, but as i said before with booktypesetting you should have no prob.

i´ve a v7 and +r with DVD-ROM setting are working without any troubles

Model number is SCPH-30001 which is version 4. I will try the ricoh later today and see if it plays.

older ps2’s have problems with +R’s. They all work fine with -R’s though. Not sure if changing the booktype setting will have any influence though because the only ps2 i have available to test is a newer one (which reads +R’s fine)

Ok so I burned the Ricoh DVD+R and it plays in the PS2 fine. However, I’m still not completely convinced that it is just the media since I have only tested 1 opto and 1 Ricoh. It could have just been the disk, I am going to burn more optodisks to test. If it turns out to not play any optodisk, I am going to have to find a place where I can buy 1 TY disk to test before I go and buy 100. Just in case the PS2 doesn’t like them either.


Yup, The older PS2s tend not to get along as well with +R, no matter what you do to them. As for different DVD drives. . . . nope. There is just one drive but from what I understand is that there are several different lasers for them and there it is kind of like the XBOX, in that certain laser types are better than others. Unfortunately I can’t remember which model lasers were the best.