Ps2 won't play backup dvd movies

using dvd-r media and my ps2 won’t play it. anyone here know why/or what i am doing wrong. using clone dvd software with the latest version of anydvd.

what media are you using? What version of PS2? Do the discs play okay in your PC or stand alone player?

tried using 2 diffrent types of media verbatim and TY dvd-r disc. disc work fine on both computer and reg dvd player. version of ps2 not sure how to find that info. but the serial #is U1891249
the ps2 does play a reg store bought dvd.

PS2’s have perhaps the world’s shittiest lasers. You’re pretty much up the proverbial creek without a paddle on this one. If it won’t read a nice Verbatim DVD-R, it won’t read ANY backups. Sorry.

so it should play both +r and -r dvd’s right?
if the answer is yes. then thank’s for the bad news :sad:

I killed 1 PS2 playing backup movies - after I got my PS2 replaced I bought the cheapest DVD player that I could find - and use that to play my backups. Unless you get your PS2 modded to limit the current through the laser coils - you should think about doing the same!!

Its the SCPS-XXX etc number you need to be clear of your version number…
btw not all version ps2 plays movie backups and as someone already said some lasers can be very picky with backups…

V1-V3 PS2’s only play -R’s, and only sometimes.

V4’s … some of them play +R’s (the late-model V4’s that came in the Gran Turismo bundle play +R).

V5-V10 should play everything.

I’m guessing you have a V1, V2, or V3.

If the PS2 won’t play -R, then it won’t play +R either. If it plays +R, it ought to play -R. See how this works?

YOUR PS2 is just useless for backups, sorry.

How can you see what version you have? my module is scph-70003 it says nothing about v1-v2-v3 an so on.does that number in the module state what version it is ie 70003 is a v7?

BigPhil, your unit is a mini-PS2, which is Version 12. (That’s indicated by the SCPH-7000x.)

It’s also a UK model (the final 3). :wink:

I think the best thing you can do is buy some +R media and change the booktype to DVD-ROM that way you should be able to play you home made movies without a problem. Hopefully your burner has that option to change bitsetting. I had the same problem when i was making some skating movies that my friends and i made. This is your best chance if you want to be able to play them on ps2

It won’t help. PS2’s are finicky, man. If it’s not reading -R’s it’ll NEVER read +R’s. It’s just how PS2’s are.

Yea it would work because the the ps2 doesnt see a dvd+r it sees a dvd-rom that why they made bitsetting so you can change the booktype making it more compatable. You just have to have the right burner. They did that because no driver would support dvd+r dl disk so they made a way to work with older dvd players that dont support dvd-r or dvd+r

glad to see i’m not the only one having the problem mine is an even older ps2 a 3004 model