I have tryed just about everyway possible to load my backups for my ps2. I used Cogswap, Ar-max , gameshark, Tryed swapping discs in between while booting I tryed useing dvd decrypter alcohol120 % i tryed doing all of this with like 4 different brands of dvds and basically everything imaginable to get my backups working . And nothing is working!!! … I cant really afford a mod chip right now and was wondering if I am doing something wrong or if there is a way thats pretty much down packed for doing this without a modded ps2.

First off what discs are you using ?? quick and easy way to backup ps2 games is to use imgburn which is free. Use read mode to create an iso and burn mode to burn it.

Try free memory card boot + esr .

Personally i haven’t used any of these methods as i have a mod chip.