Ps2 Tekken Tag NTSC



i cant back up this game, i used magic iso to create iso, and burn it using dvd decrypter, and i tried alcohol120% too. using the ps2 option for burning and still nothing happens… when i play it on my ps2 modchiped i only got the the browser screen and it find a disc called data. but i cant play the game?? any help??? i only encountered this on TEKKEN TAG 600mb is the size and i burning it on a dvd-r… T_T


Burn it onto a cd-r tekken tag is a compact disc.


d problem is my modchipped ps2 doesnt read a cd-r T_T dats y im planning to copy it to dvd… i found this on a web but i end up on a black screen its just shows, playstation 2 logo, but it was quite fast… T_T nid help here, i really want to play dis game T_T


If you haven’t already give some Taiyo Yuden cd-r’s a try see if they work or does your ps2 no longer read original cd games like tekken tag?

Can’t really help with burning a cd ps2 game onto a dvdr never tried.


anyways , thanks dude, i figured it out ^^ i burned a cdrom into dvd-r … XD, the thing is my modchipped ps2 doesnt read a cdrom format games… like tekken tag, marvel vs. capcom 2 and i think lego is a cdrom too ^^… i dont know y. but anyways heres the link for some people who are experiencing same problem as mine… just follow this instructions :slight_smile: