PS2 swap disks

i was wondering if this ps2 swap disks play backups or not
heres a link to what i`m talking about

The Slide-Card is an easy and affordable way to play your PS2 backups or original import games

Yes from that i would say so.

Swap discs are a pain in the arse. It’s deffinately worth getting it chipped by a professional if you can. Of course that’s just my opinion

but dosnt mod chiping void the warrenty and there any many ppl who would install were i live

I’m 99% sure your warranty is void if you mod it yeah.

yeah you will void the warranty, but that’s life. You cannot be afraid of something that might never happen. If it’s done professionally, they you should have no problems. Mine was modded a year ago and still live and kicking today.

If it got some kind of label that has about warranty shit then yeah it will but if it aint im not sure, could be an interior label i duno!!

So can any1 reconmend a good mod chip or something that can suport dual layer disks?

i use a messiah 2 chip, but most modern chips are basically the same. Find a site that sells them and see which is the most popular.