Ps2 Slide card & PS" reality media player


I wanted to ask if any of you have the slide card + swap magic 3.6, and if the slide card method works with the ps2 reality media player,and if the media player can be used with dvds or with cds only.

This because I wanted to buy the slide card mostly to watch my divx/xvid videos (even if playing import games/backps would be good).


Yes, SwapMagic works just fine. I actually use CogSwap Loader Exploit to boot my Video CD’s. DVD’s do not work.

Ok the madness has gone on long enough…Man two whole posts…I have to stand up for all that is right in the world and say please do not use slide cards…IF your going to buy a slide card and the newest smd disks you might as well get a flip top and be less brutal on your ps2…Or if you have a local modder get a chip for a few dollars more…Then learn about ps2 and different boot.elfs and run SMS (simple media solution)This can be found at Also if you care to chat about this further with myself or a number of other “Nowlegeable” ppl head on over to #ps2hd on irc via efnet.

Learn How to spell because last i checked “Nowlegeable” Has a K in it…Anyways enough with the baggin dont listen to this guy about the whole slide card deal its cool if you use it and u can run sms with swap magic 3.6 So its all good if u need info and the files PM cause you know im “Nowlegeable” Lol what an idiot…