PS2 shows it's still relevant with 150 millionth sale

PS2 shows it’s still relevant with 150 millionth sale.

[newsimage][/newsimage]When it comes to consumer electronics, we tend to get so caught up in focusing on the latest technological innovations, proven products that have been around for years often get pushed to the side in favor of their shiny new successors.

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still have it!

Still have one, still use it. In fact I use it more as I wait for the PS3 nonsense to die down. I have no desire to update my firmware just to play a game every single time, so as soon as CFW is really solid on the PS3 as it is for my PSP, then I will probably use it much more.

I also have a Dreamcast, original xbox, NES, Atari 2600, Atari Jaguar, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance SP, Intellivision, Wii, and Xbox360.

The PS2 and NES gets the most use in my house and now my Android phone with the games on there too.

Um, XBOX 360 is $199 for the base console. Just setting it straight…

I’ve read many statements from people claiming that their PS2’s stopped working (mainly lag issues with the lasers) after just a few years. For the price of repair, it was worth buying a new one. Sorry Sony, but we don’t buy it.

Also, the Dreamcast will NEVER lose it’s relevancy.

[QUOTE=ivid;2575399]Um, XBOX 360 is $199 for the base console. Just setting it straight…[/QUOTE]
Whoops, sorry about that slip up, it’s been corrected in the article! Thanks!

We still have one. It was a Christmas gift to my now 11 year old son about 5 years ago. It’s still going strong. Only bad part about it is it will act up and not want read the game disc every once in a while until I blow it out with a duster can. He loves the games he has and still plays it almost daily, even though we have a Wii and he has a PC to play games on. I may consider buying a PS3 when the PS2 dies. Hopefully the prices come down enough to make it reasonable. $300 - $400 is too much for a game console IMO.

Dude, I got my original phat PlayStation 2 (SCPH-39001) way back in December '01. I was just five years old, and it was my first console.

And I STILL have it!!! IT RUNS GREAT!!! To think that I have had it for so long, and it’s still in such great condition… Just shows that I take care of my baby. I have never had any real problems with it. I’ll admit that I have opened it up before, but only to clean it. I’ve opened it less than ten times, and all of those were in the past year.

So let’s see… I left it untouched for seven years, removed the faceplate for the swap trick (not really a modification) in its eighth year, and only just now actually opened it in 2010…

I guess i know how to take REALLY good care of my PS2. I just wish I could say the same for my poor Dreamcast… (I tore the laser ribbon cable when attempting the CD-RW mod)

TEH PS2 RULEZ!!! Keep it alive, Sony!!! If you kill the PS2 any time soon, I will kill YOU!!!