PS2 scam!

I just posted the article PS2 scam!!!.

Submitted by: kruger
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(I Got this from Gamefreax just tought i would be a good thing to spread the word.)

Here is the news :
There is a company in the internet advertising real…

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wouldnt it be cooler if you went with this info to the police? this is a CD forum, not a “Ive been HAD forum”… jesus christ, what is next ? some kid coming online writing here that he was cheated by his teacher for his Agrade… ?!?

I agree 100% with kaine…this is not at all related to “cdfreaks”

Hey! It’s a good warning. Besides, what would the police do? In best case: report it to the Australian police. Maybe we should ‘block’ the bastards and bomb/hack their e-mail and bank-account!

hey these guys run a good website i feel sorry for them.
Oh well these things can happen

Thanks for posting this warning ! I feel no sorry for those bloody fuckers. We don’t want that kind of ‘money makers’ here ! Even when they have a nice site :frowning:

To those complaining about this post…CHILL OUT!! This is their website NOT YOURS. They do ALOT of work to give us a great forum and excellent INFO so if they feel so inclined to warn us then so be it… and by the WAY thanx for the warning webmasters. You possibly saved alot of your readers ALOT of $$$$$.

Thanx for the warning
keep mailing them,despite the comments from(always the same) people

hey, those guys live close - I might finally get to put those anarchist cookbook goodies to use…

bastards, it’s payback time!!!

A rather large mail bomb is heading their way… Erm… Probably, I mean - I don’t know - It has nothing 2 do with me

you have their bank account details so surely it can’t be that hard for the cops to track them down