PS2 - Running RCE DvD'z?!



I'm using a Sony Ps2 for DvD'z at the moment...
...Sad I know, but I've sold my Denon 2800 DvD player as the newer version with super 24bit picture is due in any day, but could be waiting another month?! ...and its £1200 so not rushing into it, till I test it fully. :wink:

Meanwhile, I've gotta use my Ps2 to play my large (400+) DvD collection, or its just wasted!

I have a number of Region One discs, as well as Region Two as I live in the UK and I use the RegionX software and Memory Card to play Region 1 to 6 without a huge hassle, but...

The million dollar/euro/stering question is...

:confused: Will the Sony Ps2 play RCE DvD'z? :confused:


No I don’t think it plays those DVD’s, but you should try and see, if you already have one. If it doesn’t work then a mod-chip might work but I don’t reccomend one of those dodgy things. Also have you installed the updated DVD drivers for your Sony? You get it with the official remote and when installed fixes all the problems and fixes up the image alot. You got alota DVD’s!:eek: