PS2 - read speed!

Just wondering what’s the read speed for PS2 on reading games and dvd-movie!! Does it ever go up to 8x when reading a dvd game disc?? And the “standard”/“fast” options on drive speed in system menu, how much differences??

for dvd movies thats easy…1x!

for dvd games its actually only 4x, I’m not sure if its CAV or CLV though (my guess would be CAV, ie: 4x only at the outer edge of the disk)

as for the standard/fast read setting, IIRC that only applies to PS1 games…I’ve only used ps1 games once or twice in mine, but I’m guessing it makes a big difference since the original PS1 had a 2x cd-rom vs the PS2s 24x cd-rom

thanks :slight_smile:

so KProbe scan @4x should be sufficient.